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Open your ears! You're about to hear the Voice of the Fan. This week three lucky members of our Warpaint Illustrated.com forums voice their opinion on position battles, Brett Favre and draft choice signings. Listen up!

What position battles are you most excited to see in training camp this year? Why?

I am really excited about the cornerback battle that we have going on right now. We have had cornerback problems over the past 10 years. Patrick Surtain is the three-time Pro Bowler, but he will have to earn his starting spot over two rookies.

Herm Edwards' favorite position will be tested all year by opposing quarterbacks and we will have to see how two rookies adapt to the speed of the NFL quickly. It doesn't get any easier because whoever wins those top two spots will have to face the passing game of Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and more in the first week of season.

My gut feeling is that we will come into the season starting Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr against the Patriots. At least these guys will face the best passing game the first week and will learn plenty.

Wade - Girard, KS

How would you feel if the Chiefs signed Brett Favre to start over Brodie Croyle?

I would be furious. Favre is not going to do anything to help the Chiefs long term and this team's not ready to go anywhere short term. I want to see what Croyle has because if he's not going to be the guy, we can be looking for the next one.

Put Favre in and we still don't know anything about Croyle and you're just slowing the process down by however many years Favre's ego makes him hang on.

David - Chanute, KS

Are you at all worried that the Chiefs have yet to sign any of their top draft choices yet? Do you think they will all get done before training camp?

No! I see no reason for players to start off on the wrong foot by holding out. There's going to be a bracket set so it will be pretty much clear cut as to what they're going to get and it will most likely be more then they'll ever be offered by a hold out. Brady Quinn held out and lost his chance to start and maybe any chance to see a big second contract.

Shark – Dallas, TX

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