Glenn Dorsey Invades River Falls

At 4:30 AM this morning, while some avid Chiefs fans were up sweating and having nightmares about an extended holdout, Glenn Dorsey was getting the call.

The call to tell him he is a rich, rich man.

So if you've been worried the last few days about when Dorsey was going to get into camp, imagine how he felt.

"Hectic," described Dorsey. "You go from not knowing anything at all, to a couple days, couple days, couple days, to 'Boom! We're in. Get your stuff together. Get on a plane'… 4:30 this morning. It's real hectic but I'm excited. This is a new chapter in my life, and I'm just excited to be here with you guys today, and just excited to be with my team."

Yes, Dorsey is here in River Falls and ready to practice this evening. Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie walked by Dorsey's welcoming press conference and reminded him he had 36 minutes until the post-lunch meetings started.

Chiefs fans and the organization were disappointed that Dorsey was not in camp on day one, but so was he.

"You want to come here with your teammates, you want to come together as a team," said Dorsey. "I knew it wasn't going to take that long, just had to iron out a few things. I'm just excited to be here, I'm excited to stand here before y'all, and just to get to work with my teammates and my coaches, so I'm just excited to be here."

So, why exactly did it take until 4:30 AM this morning for Dorsey to find out he was officially a Kansas City Chief? All the higher picks were signed before the team left for camp, and the pick directly behind Dorsey was signed two days ago.

Why did Dorsey's agent, Joel Segal, wait for all the picks around Dorsey to sign before he agreed to a deal for his client?

"That was his decision, that's the way he chose to do things," explained Dorsey. "I mean, of course it kind of delayed the process a little bit, so that was the only bad thing about that, but he did a great a job, and the Chiefs did a great job, and I'm just excited to be here. I'm just looking to being here working out at camp."

We get it Glenn, you're excited to be here. Did anyone else call you and tell you they were excited about your looming arrival, like maybe your teammates?

"They were telling me how it was, they were telling me they couldn't wait till I get back," said Dorsey. "So, I mean I'm just looking forward to that aspect of also going to see my friends, so I'm just going to enjoy it."

Why were your friends so anxious to get you in camp? Sure, there's the obvious explanation that they wanted to gel with you, and improve the team, but maybe they were more excited about the prospects of taping you to a pole. How do you feel about that, Dorsey? Are you going to let them punk you like that?

"There's a lot of big strong guys on the team, so I don't put it past anybody, but it'll be all in great fun," said Dorsey. "It's just something that's going to go on, and, you know, I'll just take it in stride. It's a rite of passage, so whatever's going to happen is going to happen, so I'm just going to try to enjoy it." Top Stories