River Falls Recap: Monday, 8/4 PM Practice

Monday, August 4, 2008 – Afternoon practice, 3:45 – 5:15 PM


The Chiefs' defense ran a 4-4 look late in today's practice, with the offense backed up against the goal line. Oliver Hoyte, the ex-linebacker recently converted to fullback, lined up as the fourth man, at right outside linebacker.

Herm Edwards took extreme interest in his defensive line early this afternoon during position group drills. He intently watched Tim Krumrie take his players through two different exercises.

This afternoon's practice was spirited, with plenty of hitting and "fast" football, the kind that Herm Edwards wanted to see at the beginning of camp. The players look ready for the upcoming exhibition season.

Patrick Surtain sat out the PM session, but helped the defense during walkthroughs, lining up at wide receiver. Donnie Edwards also got involved, although it wasn't clear what he was doing just behind the safeties.

The Chiefs experimented with a trick play today. We're not permitted to fill you in on the details. Let's just say it's more exciting than anything Mike Solari drew up a year ago.


Brodie Croyled dropped back to pass, avoided the outside rush by stepping up into the pocket and dialed up a deep pass to wide receiver Maurice Price. It was thrown so perfectly Price never had to break stride as he hauled it in a good 50 yards down the field. The best part of Croyle's gorgeous bomb? It looked absolutely effortless.

Dantrell Savage wiggled his way through traffic and burst around the corner into daylight. Then a shadow appeared. It was cornerback Dimitri Patterson. The shadow laid a giant hit on Savage, who was knocked backwards to the ground as if he had run into a brick wall.

Dantrell Savage stood his ground and stoned a blitzing linebacker. He whirled, preparing for the incoming screen pass. He caught the screen pass, spun around again, burst around the outside and slipped into the end zone for a touchdown. On one play, Savage flashed all three skills an NFL running back needs.


The Chiefs are as loaded as they've ever been at running back, because like his counterpart Jackie Battle this morning, Dantrell Savage had a great practice this afternoon. I lost count of the number of times he hid behind a blocker, found a little seam in the line and shimmied through it. Savage isn't big, but he's got great feet, runs tough, and can catch the ball. He reminds me of Priest Holmes quite a bit.

Tamba Hali may not be Jared Allen, but he's not going to be denied by Herb Taylor on every snap. Today the third-year defensive end more than held his own against Taylor, who had a little trouble with Hali's quickness. On one snap, Hali blew past Taylor like he was standing still, slapped his hands out of the way and clearly had Brodie Croyle sacked. He probably could have forced a fumble, too. Hali later stayed home on a screen pass that went nowhere.

Pat Thomas keeps showing up. Today he was breathing down Larry Johnson's neck after a short completion and made the hit after a minimal gain. Later, despite misdirection out of a shotgun formation, Thomas stayed home and stuck to Brad Cottam, who was held to a short catch. Those are football instincts at work.

I'm really impressed with fullback Mike Cox, but not because of his blocking. His hands are outstanding. I honestly can't remember the guy dropping a ball. Today he hauled in four or five passes, including a leaping catch, and even held on after a vicious hit by Bernard Pollard.


Damion McIntosh can't seem to catch a break even when Alfonso Boone is out of the lineup. This afternoon he got all he could handle from defensive end Turk McBride, who blew up a run early in 11-on-11's and later blew right past McIntosh on a pass rush. Most embarrassing of all, Big Mac was eaten up by Jason Parker for a sack later on. By the way, Parker also toasted offensive tackle Anthony Alabi when the third-team offense got on the field. Maybe McIntosh is just the victim of a rising star.


"Remember, now, we get paid to tackle."

- Gunther Cunningham, offering a job description to his linebackers.

"Destroy the block. And his will."

- Cunningham with a mission statement.

"Pull up your shorts. You're losing too much weight."

- Cunningham with fashion advice for defensive tackle Tank Tyler.

"Hey! Period's over!"

- Larry Johnson, ready for practice to be over after he busted a long run for an apparent touchdown during the final session.


Tony Gonzalez, Donnie Edwards, Alfonso Boone, Trevor Johnson, Patrick Surtain, Brian Waters and Kolby Smith sat out this afternoon's practice.

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