Warpaint Roundtable – Preseason Edition II

This week we discuss fantasy football, Devard Darling, Brady Quinn, Damion McIntosh and Anquan Boldin.

Which Chief would you want on your fantasy team?

Nick Athan: No question I'd take Larry Johnson. He's poised for a monster year. The offensive line has been solid thus far and the way the Chiefs ran the ball against the Arizona Cardinals was a sign Chan Gailey and his staff are ready for the regular season. This year Johnson looks like the old runner we saw in years past when he was battling Priest Holmes for respect. That's good news if you're a Chiefs fan.

Michael Ash: Dwayne Bowe is the only Chiefs player I would actually attempt to draft. In fantasy football he should be a strong #2 or a great #3 receiver. If Larry Johnson fell past a certain point I'd consider grabbing him, but there's too many questions there otherwise.

I'm also wary of Tony Gonzalez this year. He only caught one touchdown in games Brodie Croyle started last year. Croyle just doesn't seem to force the ball Tony's way as Huard did, which will probably hurt Tony's numbers this season.

C.E. Wendler: I'm going to disagree with Mike and pick Tony Gonzalez. My reasoning is pretty simple – the Chiefs don't have a lot of established targets in the passing game. There's Dwayne Bowe and a bunch of unproven receivers, and then there's Gonzalez. I can see him easily racking up another 80-catch season and five or six touchdowns, maybe more since Bowe will draw extra attention in the red zone this season.

Devard Darling has been relatively absent in games. How realistic is the idea of having Maurice Price moved as high as #2? Are there any changes in the wide receiver battle?

Nick Athan: Price is the story of camp among the wide receivers. The fact that Will Franklin is down and Darling hasn't played a lot will give Price one more opportunity to show why he should make the final roster. What he does with that chance may prove to be a good thing for KC's offense, but he's not being seriously considered for a starting job. He's still a long shot to make the team despite a solid camp.

Where is Devard Darling?
Jonathan Daniel

Michael Ash: People are being a little hard on Darling. He's been open for passes, but has to get a ball he can catch before he shows us anything. As for Price, if the coaches thought he was capable of being a starter, he wouldn't be running with the backups. He's not going to vault over Darling and Franklin because of his work against second and third-string defenses.

C.E. Wendler: People who didn't attend training camp seem to believe Darling should be the third or fourth wide receiver. I can see how they might believe this after only watching two preseason games. Darling, admittedly, has done nothing.

But the fact the coaching staff doesn't feel a need to play him with the second or third-team offense is a good sign. Eric Price told us weeks ago Darling knows all four receiver spots. That means he has the versatility to give KC's passing attack the options it needs when there are only two receivers on the field. My guess is none of the other receivers bring that to the table.

Is there any chance we make a run at Brady Quinn after this year if Brodie Croyle gets hurt or flops? I think he would be ready to win in 2009. If we draft a quarterback it may take a few more years.

Nick Athan: Anything is a possibility for the Chiefs, but I think everyone needs to be more patient with Croyle. He's finally getting a taste of the NFL with a solid offensive system, a stronger offensive line and an All-Pro running back behind. The Chiefs would have drafted Quinn two years ago if he'd slipped to them in the 2007 draft, and he's been strong this preseason, but his future will ultimately be in Cleveland.

Michael Ash: I would hope the Chiefs would at least look into it. If Derek Anderson has another good season, Quinn's trade value should be pretty low. Teams will realize he isn't in Cleveland's plans and he's taking up too much salary cap room for a backup. Then again, the Browns could go the Chargers' route and look to move away from Anderson like San Diego did with Drew Brees.

But if Croyle shows he's not the guy, the Chiefs should explore whatever avenues they can to find a good option at quarterback. If they have to draft one in 2009, who knows if the current staff will be around to see him develop? That might lead to a situation like the one the Dolphins are currently in.

C.E. Wendler: If Brodie Croyle flops, we could see an organizational turnover in Kansas City – new general manager, new head coach, new coaching staff, etc. In that event, depending on the replacements, they might go after a player like Quinn. Or the Chiefs could get stuck with a Damon Huard/Chad Pennington-esque journeyman for a few years. Wouldn't that be fun?

Do you see either Barry Richardson or Herb Taylor taking Damion McIntosh's job by week one?

Is Big Mac on his way to the bench?
Jamie Squire

Nick Athan: That's likely as Taylor has been as solid an offensive lineman as the Chiefs have had this preseason. Right now the coaching staff has the ultimate confidence in him to be one of the starting five. He's been solid at left tackle and McIntosh has been anything but to date. Right now the blessing for the Chiefs, with the Albert injury, has been Taylor's developments.

Michael Ash: Richardson, no. Not unless injury forces it. Taylor I would consider a possibility just because he's been handling the left tackle spot pretty well so far. If recent reports that Herm Edwards isn't thrilled with McIntosh are true, then Taylor's play would make him the next logical candidate to join the starting rotation.

C.E. Wendler: The most disappointing thing about McIntosh is not his play, but rather the fact his injuries are piling up again. He's not going to last 16 games at this rate. The Chiefs might as well stick Taylor over there when the season starts and let him develop. Richardson, by the way, needs a year. He's not ready to start just yet, unless you have a desire to see Brodie Croyle running for his life.

Do you see the Chiefs making a run at Anquan Bolidin?

Nick Athan: I think that's a strong possibility as right now the Chiefs have the cap room. If they trade their 2009 first-round pick for Boldin, that's only a solid move if the team believes they can win the AFC West. What I don't want to see is Kansas City trading away a top five pick. If they finish 8-8, the loss/gain is acceptable.

Michael Ash: No. If the Cardinals were actually serious about trading Boldin, the asking price would be too high. He's still in his late 20's and he's been to the Pro Bowl twice, so I'd be surprised if Arizona asked for anything less than a first-round pick. The Chiefs shouldn't be giving up those picks for anyone right now, unless a franchise quarterback somehow becomes available.

C.E. Wendler: The Chief already have a receiver similar to Anquan Boldin in Dwayne Bowe. They need a true deep threat on the other side. And nothing against Bowe, but can you imagine two "high-profile" personalities playing wide receiver for the Chiefs at the same time? Potentially, that's a nightmare of epic proportions.

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