Colquitt's Coffin Corner: Ready for Patriots

It's great to be back at Warpaint for another great season bringing you my exclusive blog, Colquitt's Coffin Corner. I'm excited because we got a lot of good feedback on Coffin Corner last year from Clark Hunt.

I remember being down in the Forth Worth/Dallas area driving down to see him and the first thing he said was "I really like the blog." So it's been a good thing, people are responding to it well and it's going to be fun to do it again.

As far as this week, I'm looking forward to having all of our players. In the preseason you're torn between getting everybody warmed up for the regular season and saving your guys for the regular season. Fans think it's just football, but it is a business, so you have kind of a conflict of interest.

So I'm looking forward to the football. Now we've got all of our players, everybody's healthy. Branden Albert was running around the indoor facility and pushing sleds around this morning, which is encouraging for the offensive side of the ball. We're going to be 100 percent going into New England and that speaks volumes for what our training staff did and what our coaching staff did in the preseason.

We didn't forfeit any of the plays in our playbook by any stretch of the imagination. So New England is going to have a blind look at who the 2008 Chiefs are. We're going to be able to go in and surprise them.

As far as the kicking game, Nick Novak was emotional once he made this football team. You have to understand that since March, when they brought him in to work him out, he's kicked against Mike Vanderjagt and Jay Feely. They brought in guys I don't even know that I refused to hold for because I've been holding seven days a week.

He's a young guy with a strong leg and he directionally kicks off well. If you can directionally kick off in the NFL and give the return team only one way out, you're going to have a lot of success. We didn't do a whole lot of directional kicking in the preseason simply because you don't want to show that stuff, but he's a good kid and he's hungry for it. The experience he had in kicking competitions this offseason alone qualifies him for it.

Now that it's Week 1 of the regular season, our reality is getting the bad taste of last season out of our mouths. We went to Chicago and won a game and felt great, everybody was happy, and now we have a chance to go to New England and knock off the giant.

We've molded together the team that Herm Edward and Carl Peterson and Clark Hunt and everyone set out to field this year. We've got a lot of fresh legs and new faces. There are 22 new guys on the roster compared to last year, and most of them are young, so we'll be able to throw a lot more packages at people simply because we're faster and more athletic. A lot of the people we got through the draft and in free agency and extremely smart players, too.

This season is going to be fun to watch. Last year we had to piece together an offensive line, but this year we don't have any dead weight. We've got young guys fighting for positions and new guys trying to prove they're good enough to play in the NFL. We've got a much improved secondary, our linebackers are coached by one of the best defensive coaches ever in Gunther Cunningham. Chan Gailey is going to put our offense in positions where we can put some points on the board.

You're looking at a completely new team. Last year we were just trying to play field position, trying to get the ball up the field and punt it. This year we're going to try and go after people's weak spots right off the bat, because we have the personnel to match up with teams.

We'll chat with you next week as we get ready for the Raiders. Top Stories