Chiefs Lose 12th Straight Game, 38-14

The score of Sunday's debacle in Atlanta is irrelevant, as this game was over in the second quarter. Actually, it was over in the first quarter, but that's a moot point now. As the Chiefs return home from a thumping at the hands of the Falcons, it's time to make some changes.

Before the game on Sunday, Fox Sports Jay Glazer reported what we had assumed all week - that the Chiefs were trying to secure a trade that would have sent a pair of 2009 draft picks to Cleveland for Browns backup quarterback Brady Quinn. Expect those talks to get hot and heavy in the next 24 hours despite the fact the Browns continue to lose like the Chiefs.

Quinn is the best option at quarterback for the Chiefs right now, and really the only one. Brodie Croyle will remain sidelined for what amounts to roughly eight weeks before he's ready to practice and take any hits on his right shoulder.

Right now the heat from this 12-game losing streak is falling on Chiefs President and General Manager Carl Peterson. Nobody would blame him if he went wild and crazy and made some bold moves, but one thing is certain- he has to act now before Kansas City's season goes completely south.

The 2008 Chiefs are plain bad. They have to make changes and team owner Clark Hunt has to make some choices. They won't be easy ones, but this ship must be righted before the start of the 2010 season, when Arrowhead gets its extreme makeover.

The youth movement is still the right choice. It's in full swing and Hunt has no choice but to stay the course and it should continue with the Chiefs trading their 2009 overall top pick to the Browns for Quinn. This organization won't be able to draft anyone better, so why not get Quinn some seasoning now and prepare him for next season?

After the Chiefs make that move, they should give up their second overall pick next year for Anquan Boldin, who wants out of Arizona as bad as Larry Johnson wants out of Kansas City after 12 straight losses.

I'm not saying that anyone should give up on this season, but we need to be realistic. The Chiefs are void of talent at key positions. Besides the obvious hole at quarterback, this team needs another top-flight wide receiver to play opposite Dwayne Bowe. They need three starting linebackers, because that group is the key culprit right now in KC's lacking run defense – they don't cover their gaps and none of them tackle well.

The only one with any chance at sticking next year is Derrick Johnson, but he takes the wrong angles to ball carriers and just does not make enough plays for a fourth-year player who received high accolades coming out of college.

The other issue is along the offensive line. The right side is not good, with Adrian Jones and Damion McIntosh playing as poorly as any pair of linemen we've seen in KC the last three seasons.

Other than acquiring Quinn and Boldin, nothing can change the likely outcome that Kansas City isn't going to win many games this year. I think as fans, we've all reached a point where the reality of the situation is inevitable. There will be blackouts this year and the fan morale is so low that only winning with added talent will raise spirits.

This is still my team, and I'll live and die with them to the bitter end. But it's time we all came to the same conclusion - someday this team will get better, but someday isn't going to be this year.

Five to Forget

LB Pat Thomas - He just isn't good enough. Thomas doesn't have the instincts you need to play middle linebacker. Napoleon Harris is in the doghouse, but it's time to see if has any bark left on the field.

K Nick Novak - Who will be the Chiefs new kicker? Novak's kickoffs are weak and his chip shot miss on Sunday against Atlanta is a roster spot killer.

QB Tyler Thigpen - You can't blame this loss on offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who actually called his best game. Thigpen just doesn't have that timing you need to be a consistent NFL quarterback. He's not the answer. The Chiefs should start Ingle Martin Sunday against Denver. He can't play any worse.

DE Tamba Hali - Where is he? For a first round draft pick, Hali has to step up and start sacking the quarterback. He's supposed to be the answer at right defensive end but when he's nowhere close to getting to rookie quarterback Matt Ryan in four quarters, that's telling.

RB Jamaal Charles - He has to get more touches but also needs to catch the ball when it's thrown to him. Two key drops on Sunday call into question his opportunity to be the heir apparent to Johnson. It's only a matter of time before the backs are splitting duties, so Charles needs to step up soon. Top Stories