Source: Giants Aren't Interested in Gonzalez

The biggest NFL trade rumor this weekend involves Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez. According to an NFL source on Friday, the New York Giants had an interest in the Chiefs future Hall of Famer, but Warpaint Illustrated has learned otherwise.

UPDATED Sunday 2:05 PM - The two sides are once again talking per our source. The issue is that the Chiefs wants two first day draft picks a second as a minimum and a third as well. The Giants don't want to part with any first day picks and that's the stalemate at the moment. Stay tuned to Warpaint for the latest.

UPDATED Sunday 7:35 AM - Per our source the Giants interest this morning remains limited based on the fact the Chiefs are demanding a second round pick and a second day pick for Gonzalez. However the door is not closed per the source but it's unlikely talks will get serious until after the Giants Monday Night contest with Cleveland.

The Chiefs had been listening to other teams who might be interested in Gonzalez, and on Friday some reports indicated the team leading the pack in regards to a trade was the New York Giants.

Late Saturday afternoon Warpaint Illustrated learned, however, that the Giants appear to have very little interest in obtaining Gonzalez.

"Unless there is an injury to one of the team's two tight ends this weekend, the trade isn't likely to happen," a source told Warpaint Illustrated Saturday evening.

The Giants traded away disgruntled tight end Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints earlier this year. For that trade, the Giants received the Saints second and fourth-round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.

At the moment, Kevin Boss is New York's starting tight end despite the fact he's only snagged five catches for a measly 60 yards. The team also uses Michael Matthews, who has yet to catch a single pass in 2008, and Darcy Johnson, who has similar numbers.

Earlier in the day ESPN reported that the Chiefs would listen to offers for Gonzalez and Warpaint Illustrated has learned that Gonzalez has indeed asked for a trade to a contending club.

If the deal with the New York Giants never materializes, two other possible suitors have shown interest in Gonzalez. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers have made inquiries.

The trade deadline is Tuesday, so stay tuned to Warpaint Illustrated for the latest on a possible Tony Gonzalez trade and the Kansas City Chiefs. Top Stories