Cliff Notes: No Trades, Plenty Of Controversy

What an anticlimactic end to a frantic weekend full of rumors and anticipation. Tony Gonzalez, Larry Johnson, Damon Huard, and Patrick Surtain remain Chiefs. Over the past several days, rumors swirled about all of these player being dealt to another team, but nothing came to fruition.

Carl Peterson played hooky on the KC media, leaving an obviously agitated Herm Edwards to answer questions about what didn't happen. And Larry Johnson's alleged inability to keep his hands off other people's faces comes back to bite him in the butt again.

For Gonzalez, I'm not sure what's more disappointing - the fact that he's still on a 1-4 football team that's in the waxing stages of a rebuilding process, or that no NFL team found him worthy of even so much as a fourth-round pick. Gonzalez wanted out, and the Chiefs fielded offers, but no teams made a bid that could‘ve been taken seriously. The Eagles' offer of a fifth-rounder and the Giants offer of a sixth-rounder should be taken as insults.

Gonzalez is the most productive tight end in football history, and he's still among the NFL's elite at his position. Among tight ends this season, he ranks fourth in receptions and is tied for second in touchdowns, and that's with Damon "Tuck and Duck" Huard and Tyler "Wild Thing" Thigpen throwing him the ball.

Perhaps the biggest slap to Gonzalez's face was what the Cowboys gave up for wide receiver Roy Williams and a seventh-round pick - their first, third and sixth-round picks in 2009. Gonzalez has 23 catches this season, compared to Williams' 17. Last season, Gonzalez caught 99 passes for 1,172 yards and five touchdowns while Williams reeled in a whopping 64 balls for 838 yards and five scores. If Dallas tight end Jason Witten had broken his pinky on Sunday instead of Tony Romo, the Chiefs would probably be rolling in draft picks.

Will Gonzalez be upset that he didn't get traded to a contender? Maybe, but most expect him to do exactly what he's done for the last 11-and-a-half seasons - show up and get to work. Gonzalez will come back and try to be a leader on this team. He'll continue to show Brad Cottam and the Chiefs' other young pass catchers how to be a professional.

Johnson, the other outwardly disgruntled veteran, not only didn't get traded, he apparently traded blows with a woman at a night club in February. This is Johnson's third such incident in KC. His previous two incidents were settled out of court. After inking a big deal last preseason, he now has more bargaining chips to keep this incident from getting to trial as well.

Chiefs players such as Tamarick Vanover, Bam Morris and Eric Warfield have had their fair share of legal problems in the past, but such situations have flown relatively under the radar since Jared Allen's last DUI. Now, Johnson has been accused of hitting or "pushing" a woman in the face again. With Roger Goodell trying to set a precedent for good behavior, Johnson may be looking at a suspension.

So, with Tradegate involving five players, the release of Napoleon Harris and Larry Johnson receiving a court date, where was team President/GM Carl Peterson? Hiding.

Peterson hung his head coach out to dry this afternoon, and hid behind the owners' meetings in Florida. Today was the closing day of the meetings, and Peterson could've made it back to Kansas City if he desired, but he didn't.

The last seven days have culminated into the Chiefs' worst nightmare - their best player warrants virtually no value in the trade market, their star running back may have assaulted a woman and the team President is no longer backing his head coach. Chiefs fans have known for the last six weeks that their team was pitiful, but now the wheels are falling off behind the closed doors at Arrowhead as well.

Now, more than ever, the Chiefs' relationship with their fan base is strained. There's no telling what the remainder of the season will bring or what changes may loom in the offseason, but this city and organization could really use a pick-me-up in the form of an upset this Sunday against the undefeated Titans. Top Stories