WPI Fantasy League: Week 6

It's been another wild week in the brutally competitive, painfully fierce, scorchingly heated battle that is known as the WPI fantasy league. Here's a look at the latest results.

Our Members:
- Michael Ash of WPI (We Play To Win The Game)
- Nick Athan of WPI (Warpaint Pubs)
- Adam Best of ArrowheadAddict.com (Arrowhead Addicts)
- Darren Carter of WPI (Sphinx Domination)
- Pat Clifton of WPI (Team Pat Is God)
- Topher Dean of WPI (Waste of Space)
- Chris Thorman of ArrowheadPride.com (Arrowhead Pride)
- C.E. Wendler of WPI (The Runnamuckers)

Week 6 Recap:
Warpaint Pubs (81.44)
Arrowhead Addicts (79.16)

Suffering a fifth-straight loss, this time by a margin of just over two points, it's safe to say that Arrowhead Addicts is the league's unluckiest team. Two weeks ago, Adam lost despite having the six-touchdown performance of Brett Favre on his side. That pales in comparison to this week's defeat, however, which almost defies explanation.

Warpaint Pubs started three receivers – Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston, and Anquan Boldin – who didn't even suit up in Week 6. But despite getting no production whatsoever from his wide receiver slots, a 31-point game from Tony Romo and a 29-point game from Maurice Jones-Drew were still enough to give Nick a victory.

Adam got solid efforts from LaDanian Tomlinson, Calvin Johnson, and Reggie Wayne, but still fell short.

Waste of Space (78.22)
Arrowhead Pride (61.40)

A big game from Andre Johnson helped Topher return to the win column, even though more than one roster spot actually cost him points. Living up to his team's name, running back Le'Ron McClain proved to be a waste of space by rushing for negative yardage against the Colts. And the Giants' defense surrendering 35 points to the Browns gave them a total of -1 for the week.

Arrowhead Pride's big name receivers continue to struggle, with Randy Moss and Chad Johnson combining for less than 10 points. Donovan McNabb and Reggie Bush turned in solid performances, but it just wasn't enough.

The Runnamuckers (95.14)
Team Pat is God (76.14)

In the battle to grab control of second place, a well-rounded performance helped The Runnamuckers cruise to victory. No one on his team scored more than 20 points, but C.E. had five double-digit scorers on his roster, with three producing over 15 points.

The injury suffered by Joseph Addai was a blow to Pat's team, as the Colts' running back ended up producing just three tenths of a point. Combined with Julius Jones turning in his worst rushing performance of the season and a bye week for Tony Gonzalez, it created a hole too big for Team Pat is God to climb out of.

We Play To Win The Game (134.48)
Sphinx Domination (87.64)

After a brief setback last week, my team returned to their winning ways despite the fact that the Jay Cutler-to-Brandon Marshall combination continues to struggle. Thankfully, the slack was picked up by a 30-point explosion from Braylon Edwards, 29 points from Clinton Portis, and a big 21-point game from the Tampa Bay defense.

Sphinx Domination had the highest scorer of the contest, with 33 points from Philip Rivers. But disappointing efforts from Terrell Owens, Michael Turner, and Willis McGahee – the three combined for under 15 points – turned this one into the blowout of the week.

Week 6 Transactions:
- C.E. swapped defenses, dropping Dallas to pick up Philadelphia.
- Darren made a run on Minnesota Vikings, letting go of two Chargers in the process. Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson were sent to the waiver wire in exchange for kicker Ryan Longwell and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.
- I dropped Oakland tight end Zach Miller to pick up the Tampa Bay defense.
- Chris released Dante Rosario to pick up Baltimore running back Le'Ron McClain.

Current Standings:
1. We Play To Win The Game 5-1-0 694.66
2. The Runnamuckers 4-2-0 623.68
3. Sphinx Domination 3-3-0 596.14 4. Warpaint Pubs 3-3-0 523.76
5. Team Pat is God 3-3-0 518.52
6. Waste of Space 3-3-0 515.88
7. Arrowhead Pride 2-4-0 516.52
8. Arrowhead Addicts 1-5-0 532.76

Week 7 Preview:
(1) We Play To Win The Game vs. (4) Warpaint Pubs
(2) The Runnamuckers vs. (3) Sphinx Domination
(5) Team Pat is God vs. (7) Arrowhead Pride
(6) Waste of Space vs. (8) Arrowhead Addicts

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