Chiefs Dominated By Titans, 34-10

Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson told me a long time ago that the game of football is pretty simple. You have to focus on two things - blocking and tackling. If you get those down, generally you win the game. If not, you generally lose. Right now the 2008 version of the Kansas City Chiefs aren't doing either well.

Forget the loss of starting quarterback Brodie Croyle. If his offensive line had blocked better, he would not have wound up as a Titan Sandwich, prompting him to slam his helmet to the sideline turf in disgust.

The Chiefs now face the rest of 2008 with Damon Huard, who hurt his hand, and Tyler Thigpen at quarterback. That means more losses for a team that just can't seem to get a break.

Luck has a lot to do with winning when you're void of consistent playmakers. Herm Edwards, who has never been able to keep any of his starting quarterbacks healthy during his time in Kansas City, has to feel snake bitten.

He also has to be wondering if his tenure as Chiefs head coach will soon come to an end. My gut says he'll get another year to prove he can lead this team out of the doldrums, but it won't be easy. Difficult decisions need to be made on his coaching staff and in the locker room. There are also decisions to be made concerning scouting, management and ultimately, by Chairman Clark Hunt.

The Chiefs are embarrassing their fan base. It's really that simple. As fans, all we want is to see a well-coached team play hard and give 100 percent on the field. Off the field, we want to see smart free agent pick-ups, and draft choices that produce for years to come.

That's not much to ask, but right now none of that is happening. The offense is in disarray, and I'm concerned that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey isn't designing an attack, regardless of the quarterback, that can consistently generate first downs. Forget about touchdowns - for now you have to start somewhere, and right now there's no sense of continuity from series to series.

On defense, coordinator Gunther Cunningham moved to the sidelines today, but that had little impact on a unit that gave up a record number of rushing yards. The performance left Cunningham bewildered after the game. As he left the stadium, the look on his face said he let the team down, not the players.

Sure, he has some responsibility and he's not going to make excuses. Likely, he would have told me he should have coached better, and to some degree he's correct. But the players need to step up.

The defensive line and linebackers don't understand how to fill their gap assignments, even though it's been drilled into them since day one of OTAs. Kansas City's front seven is the primary reason the defense has returned to the "32" days we saw under Dick Vermeil.

The offense isn't any better. Tony Gonzalez is still a Chief, and he did play well, but as long as the right side of the line blocks like the defense tackles, we're going to see more of the same.

With 10 games to go, the Chiefs are at an all-time low point as a franchise. They've won five of their last 22 games and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.

Arrowhead Stadium, which was about 75 percent full Sunday, will only get lonelier and, lonelier as the season wears on. Sooner rather than later, blackouts will occur. It's hard to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan right now, and fan apathy is at an all-time high.

It appears these Chiefs ultimately could not handle the internal turmoil generated by off-the-field nonsense over the last two weeks, but this loss is on the entire organization from top to bottom.

Everyone has had a hand in this mess. Someone is going to have to lead the team out of this funk, and for me it has to be Clark Hunt. That's the simple fix for this franchise. Top Stories