WPI Fantasy League: Week 7

It was another exciting week of action in the WPI fantasy league. Let's have a look-see at what went down in Week 7.

Our Members:
- Michael Ash of WPI (We Play To Win The Game)
- Nick Athan of WPI (Warpaint Pubs)
- Adam Best of ArrowheadAddict.com (Arrowhead Addicts)
- Darren Carter of WPI (Sphinx Domination)
- Pat Clifton of WPI (Team Pat Is God)
- Topher Dean of WPI (Waste of Space)
- Chris Thorman of ArrowheadPride.com (Arrowhead Pride)
- C.E. Wendler of WPI (The Runnamuckers)

Week 7 Recap:

The Runnamuckers (96.34)
Sphinx Domination (88.02)

Led by Chris Johnson's 30-point effort against the Chiefs' poor excuse for a run defense, The Runnamuckers won their league-leading fifth straight game. In addition to the 30 points from Johnson, C.E. also got the same output from the Buffalo duo of Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch.

Sphinx Domination was right in the battle, with solid games from Thomas Jones and Willis McGahee. But a costly injury to Jerricho Cotchery and the 48 points surrendered by the Vikings' defense both loomed large in the defeat.

Waste of Space (97.80)
Arrowhead Addicts (88.38)

The run of misery continues for Arrowhead Addicts, who have now lost their last six games. Calvin Johnson contributed 30 points and Ryan Grant finally got going in Green Bay, but it wasn't enough to overcome disappointing outputs from Brett Favre and LaDainian Tomlinson, who both produced just six points.

The road to victory for Waste of Space was paved by a quartet of players. Adrian Peterson led the way with 25 points, Jake Delhomme went for 20, and Steve Smith and Andre Johnson both scored in the high teens.

Arrowhead Pride (61.00)
Team Pat Is God (37.56)

It was a bad week for Team Pat as not a single player on the roster cracked the 10-point barrier. Peyton Manning was held in check by the Packers, Roy Williams' debut with the Cowboys was forgettable, and after making a switch at both kicker and defense during the week, Pat evidently forgot to put his new additions on his starting lineup.

Arrowhead Pride's victorious attack was led by New England, as Chris got 18 points from Randy Moss and 17 from the Patriots defense.

We Play To Win The Game (107.32)
Warpaint Pubs (83.30)

Despite the fact that, for the umpteenth week in a row, Warpaint Pubs had a glut of starting players who weren't actually participating, this game was neck and neck until Monday night. A 42-point game from Steven Jackson and a 22-point effort from the Chicago defense kept Nick's team close until Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall took the field and managed to put some distance between the final scores.

Week 7 Transactions: - C.E. dropped LenDale White for Eli Manning and swapped the Eagles' D for the Giants.'
- Darren was busy this week, picking up Thomas Jones in place of Vikings' tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. He then dropped Ryan Longwell in order to claim LenDale White off waivers, and he replaced the injured Jon Kitna with Jeff Garcia.
- Pat added Stephen Gostkowski and the Dallas defense, dropping Neil Rackers and Jacksonville.

Current Standings:
1. We Play To Win The Game 6-1-0 801.98
2. The Runnamuckers 5-2-0 720.02
3. Waste of Space 4-3-0 613.68
4. Sphinx Domination 3-4-0 684.16
5. Warpaint Pubs 3-4-0 607.06
6. Arrowhead Pride 3-4-0 577.52
7. Team Pat is God 3-4-0 556.08
8. Arrowhead Addicts 1-6-0 621.14

Week 8 Preview:
(1) We Play To Win The Game vs. (2) The Runnamuckers
(3) Waste of Space vs. (5) Warpaint Pubs
(4) Sphinx Domination vs. (6) Arrowhead Pride
(7) Team Pat is God vs. (8) Arrowhead Addicts

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