Cliff Notes: News From Arrowhead

Herm Edwards said Wednesday that Derrick Johnson will likely be out for this week's game against the San Diego Chargers, as will Patrick Surtain. Brandon Flowers did practice fully and is expected to be ready this Sunday, as is Dustin Colquitt.

The Chiefs signed veteran cornerback David Macklin, a player they talked to during the offseason.

"It's hard to get another young guy and get him in to play, because they don't know the system," said Edwards. "Macklin's been in the system. He was with Tony in Tampa. He can go play nickel, he can play corner, he's lined up, so he can help us there."

The Chiefs also signed veteran cornerback Ricardo Colclough. Edwards said he was still undecided on Sunday's cornerback depth chart. The Chiefs also brought in rookie defensive end Wallace Gilberry from Alabama.

Two other rookies, wide receiver Kevin Robinson and tight end Michael Merritt, have been placed on the active roster. Edwards said Robinson has a better chance of being active Sunday because of his punt return ability, while Merritt is probably a week or two away. Punter Steve Weatherford and tight John Paul Foschi were released to make room.

Edwards also indicated that Larry Johnson will rejoin the team this week.

"He's been out a month," said Edwards. " It's time for him to come back, do what he needs to do to prepare himself to get ready to play football."

Was Johnson's suspension long enough? Edwards said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell likely only suspended the running back for one game due to the time he had already missed via the Chiefs deactivating him the last three weeks. Edwards added that when he returns, he'll bring Johnson along slowly, similar to what the Chiefs did after he missed training camp last year.

Edwards on the election:

"I think it's a big step for America. My mom was probably more excited than me. You know, she's a war bride. She was married to my dad in 1953, and she tells me the story all the time about how they had to go to Washington when they signed the papers, (and) it wasn't valid in the South because you couldn't interracial marriage, so she was excited, no doubt about it...I was excited because of the everything she went through, my father went through, and some things I learned in the 60s. I was a 60 guy, I grew up in the 60s, so there were still some things lingering on at that point in time."

"I woke my daughters up last night. They know who Barack Obama is. It was about 10 o'clock, watching the television and they were clapping, and I said 'He's president', because I wanted them to know that our country is great, and you could accomplish everything, anything if you give people an opportunity. When they have children they'll be able to say 'I saw that happen and i didn't read that in a history book."

"I'm hoping he'll pull the country together. I think that's what he's about. I had the opportunity to meet him, to visit with him when he was here. We had a great conversation, and I think his ability to do that, to make people accomplish things that sometimes they don't think they can accomplish; he'll be that type of president. That's what I believe." Top Stories