WPI Fantasy League: Week 9

It was another week of high drama and rip-roaring excitement in the Warpaint fantasy league. Let's take a look at what went down.

Our Members:

- Michael Ash of WPI (We Play To Win The Game)
- Nick Athan of WPI (Warpaint Pubs)
- Adam Best of ArrowheadAddict.com (Arrowhead Addicts)
- Darren Carter of WPI (Sphinx Domination)
- Pat Clifton of WPI (Team Pat Is God)
- Topher Dean of WPI (Waste of Space)
- Chris Thorman of ArrowheadPride.com (Arrowhead Pride)
- C.E. Wendler of WPI (The Runnamuckers)

Week 9 Recap:

Sphinx Domination (95.46)
Arrowhead Addicts (86.86)

Despite a strong offensive output, it was one-and-done for the Addicts' winning streak. Adam got more than 10 points from five of his roster slots – Calvin Johnson, Earnest Graham, Steve Slayton, Phil Dawson, and the Baltimore defense – but a disappointing six-point game from Brett Favre loomed large in the defeat.

Sphinx Domination took their second straight game, led by Jeff Garcia's 23-point performance against the Chiefs. Michael Turner, Rob Bironas, and Jacksonville's defense all broke into double-digits as well.

We Play To Win The Game (86.98)
Arrowhead Pride (75.36)

Despite Jay Cutler's 24-point effort against the Dolphins, the Cutler-to-Marshall combo continues to struggle, as Marshall was worth just two points on the day. But strong efforts from Braylon Edwards, Clinton Portis, and Brandon Jacobs helped me keep a hold on the top spot.

Arrowhead Pride got 50 points from the combined efforts of Donovan McNabb and Donald Driver, and – as a special added bonus – Chad Johnson actually showed up for what might have been his first double-digit performance this season. But as the rest of the team only combined for eight points, those three big scorers just weren't enough.

The Runnamuckers (95.88)
Warpaint Pubs (60.40)

Another week and another start of Tony Romo by Warpaint Pubs, who must have a positive medical report on him that the Cowboys haven't yet seen. Nick's cause was also harmed by the one-point effort from Steven Jackson, who continues to battle an injury of his own.

The Runnamuckers ran amok with Kurt Warner and his near 30-point output against his former team in St. Louis. Combined with the 36 points from Chris Johnson and Ronnie Brown, it was smooth sailing for C.E. as he won his seventh game in a row, the best streak in the league this season.

Waste of Space (107.76)
Team Pat Is God (56.36)

Waste of Space was anything but a waste this week, with almost every spot on Topher's roster contributing at least 12 points. Adrian Peterson led the way with 22, but Aaron Rodgers, Tim Hightower, and the Giants defense all scored in the high teens, and Andre Johnson and Eddie Royal rounded things out with 12-point efforts.

On the other hand, while Pat got a solid game from Peyton Manning, no one else on his team managed to score more than 8 points. Five of his roster slots contributed an average of just 2.38 points a piece, which undoubtably helped lead to the blowout of the week.

Week 9 Transactions:

- After making this transaction last week and then reversing it a few days later, C.E. completed the trifecta by once again dropping the Jets' defense for Philly's. He also dropped Mushin Muhammad for Titans' tight end Bo Scaife.

- Topher had an active week, swapping Jonathan Stewart for Tim Hightower, dropping Le'Ron McClain for the Bears' Greg Olsen, and picking up Rams' wide receiver Donnie Avery at the expense of the San Diego defense.

- Darren released Sammy Morris to pick up Santonio Holmes.

- Just before the action got underway on Sunday, C.E. dropped Nate Kaeding for the Vikings' Ryan Longwell.

Current Standings:
1. We Play To Win The Game 7-2-0 974.40
2. The Runnamuckers 7-2-0 915.74
3. Waste of Space 6-3-0 826.16
4. Sphinx Domination 5-4-0 906.96
5. Warpaint Pubs 3-6-0 733.76
6. Arrowhead Pride 3-6-0 698.90
7. Team Pat is God 3-6-0 677.56
8. Arrowhead Addicts 2-7-0 810.90

Week 10 Preview:
(1) We Play To Win The Game vs. (8) Arrowhead Addicts
(2) The Runnamuckers vs. (6) Arrowhead Pride
(3) Waste of Space vs. (4) Sphinx Domination
(5) Warpaint Pubs vs. (7) Team Pat Is God

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