WPI Fantasy League: Week 12

It was a week full of hard fought battles in the Warpaint fantasy league. Let's take a look at the action.

Our Members:
- Michael Ash of WPI (We Play To Win The Game)
- Nick Athan of WPI (Warpaint Pubs)
- Adam Best of ArrowheadAddict.com (Arrowhead Addicts)
- Darren Carter of WPI (Sphinx Domination)
- Pat Clifton of WPI (Team Pat Is God)
- Topher Dean of WPI (Waste of Space)
- Chris Thorman of ArrowheadPride.com (Arrowhead Pride)
- C.E. Wendler of WPI (The Runnamuckers)

Week 12 Recap:
Waste of Space (99.92)

The Runnamuckers (92.94)

A closely contested matchup between the league's second- and third-place teams, this battle went down to the Monday night game. After riding the Jake Delhomme/Steve Smith combo for most of the season, Delhomme's disappointing outings in recent weeks caused Topher make a switch, starting Aaron Rodgers at QB instead.

Needing to overcome a 23 point deficit, Rodgers came through with 30 points – leading all scorers in this matchup – and carried Waste of Space to the victory. Interestingly, though, Topher would have been safe even if he'd stuck with Delhomme, as the Panthers' QB broke out of his slump with a 25 point effort against Atlanta.

As for The Runnamuckers, the loss might have been averted if not for the injury to Plaxico Burress, who left the Giants' game with Arizona after only a handful of plays. Burress ended up with no points for the week, a stat which certainly loomed large in this close defeat.

Both teams have reason to celebrate, however, as they've both clinched a berth in the WPI fantasy league playoffs.

Team Pat Is God (72.70)
We Play To Win The Game (66.56)

The injury to a New York Giant also played a big part in this contest, as Brandon Jacobs ended up being a late scratch and, tragically, I was unable to remove him from my roster. So with Clinton Portis and his 18 points on my bench, I posted a big, fat zero-burger from one of my starting RB spots.

But the real blame for this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of Jay Cutler, whose embarrassing 7-point outing against the Raiders actually made him worth fewer points than his own receiver Brandon Marshall, who was worth 8 points on the day.

For Team Pat, a strong game from Peyton Manning, plus solid outings from Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez were the keys to scoring this upset victory.

Sphinx Domination (154.22)
Warpaint Pubs (119.44)

A tough loss for Warpaint Pubs, who had the second best score of the week, only to find themselves matched up against a team that earned one of the highest scores of the entire season.

The 154 points for Sphinx Domination is even more impressive considering they actually lost points from one of their starting running backs. Finishing with just one carry for a one-yard loss, LenDale White took a tenth of a point away from Darren's final score. But a 39 point explosion from Terrell Owens, 35 big points from Michael Turner, and a strong 24 points from the Minnesota defense helped him run away with the win.

As for Warpaint Pubs, Nick got 32 points from Tony Romo, and all three of his receivers – Dwayne Bowe, Anquan Boldin, and Marques Colston – scored at least 11 points. It just wasn't enough to overcome Sphinx's huge scoring output.

Arrowhead Addicts (95.66)
Arrowhead Pride (56.46)

The blowout of the week came courtesy of Arrowhead Addicts, who – after suffering through a six-game losing streak – have now won three of their last five. The Ravens defense led all of Adam's scorers with 26 points, and Brett Favre earned a solid 19 points in the Jets' win over the Titans.

For Arrowhead Pride over the last few weeks, the story has been Donovan McNabb and not much else. But not even McNabb showed up this time, with the Eagles' QB losing nine-tenths of a point in the game that saw him benched after halftime. Randy Moss stepped up with a big 33 point game against Miami, but only one other scorer – Larry Johnson – managed to break the ten-point barrier.

Week 12 Transactions:

- Darren made a swap at tight end, dropping Heath Miller for Dustin Keller.

- C.E. dropped the Carolina defense to pick up Houston WR Kevin Walter.

- On Saturday, I dropped TE Anthony Fasano to pick up the discarded Heath Miller. But since the Steelers had played on Thursday and Miller couldn't help me that week, I dropped him for Titans' TE Bo Scaife.

Current Standings:
*1. We Play To Win The Game 9-3-0 1254.88
*2. The Runnamuckers 8-4-0 1202.00
*3. Waste of Space 8-4-0 1118.94
4. Sphinx Domination 7-5-0 1217.88
5. Warpaint Pubs 5-7-0 1045.52
6. Arrowhead Addicts 4-8-0 1142.46
7. Team Pat is God 4-8-0 881.96
8. Arrowhead Pride 3-9-0 862.98
* = clinched playoff spot

Week 13 Preview:
(1) We Play To Win The Game vs. (4) Sphinx Domination
(2) The Runnamuckers vs. (7) Team Pat is God
(3) Waste of Space vs. (8) Arrowhead Pride
(5) Warpaint Pubs vs. (6) Arrowhead Addicts

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