Bucs May Have Interest In Edwards

About this time three years ago, former New York Jets Head Coach Herm Edwards was in the middle of a losing season and was contemplating his future. He was facing a 2006 season in which he would be working under a short term-contract. Knowing it might take another season to get his team back into the playoffs he wanted another commitment from Jets' ownership.

He didn't get that commitment and both sides decided to part ways. Will Edwards repeat that trend in Kansas City?

Edwards' name has suddenly become popular in both the college and professional football ranks. Last week, according to our NFL source, Edwards popped up as a potential successor at San Diego State to the recently fired Chuck Long.

Over the weekend, the Aztecs began their search for a head coach but have had the door slammed in their face at every turn. It seems they are having a difficult time even getting candidates to interview.

Lane Kiffin, who accepted the Tennessee job on Monday, wouldn't speak with San Diego State, nor will their newest top candidate, former Kansas and Minnesota Head Coach Glenn Mason, unless they open up the checkbook.

According to our NFL source, there seems to be an issue with Aztec boosters over the price they're willing to pay to secure a head coach like Mason, who would require a large salary.

Most troubling to any head coach is the turbulent situation with the Aztecs' lease at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Currently the University is working without a contract for a playing venue.

If the Aztecs are going to acquire an exciting name for their new head coach, it might require them to overpay for Mason or go after Edwards, who last Friday avoided discussing any job opportunity at San Diego State. When Doug Tucker of the Associated Press asked Edwards about bolting to the college ranks a few days later, the Chiefs' Head Coach was again silent.

But now a report has surfaced that Edwards might have another option that would land him elsewhere in the NFL if Chiefs Chairman of the Board Clark Hunt chooses to dump him with one year left on his contract.

With the hiring of Kiffin at Tennessee, ESPN reported that Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin will join his son. That has led some to speculate that Edwards, who spent five seasons on Tony Dungy's staff in Tampa Bay, would be in line to become Kiffin's successor.

According to one of our team sources, Edwards is hoping for a return to Kansas City next year, and most feel that Hunt will give him one more year to right the ship. But at some point Hunt has to decide if he wants to give Edwards a contract extension. If both San Diego State and Tampa Bay present themselves as options, Hunt might need to make an offer sooner rather than later.

The question for Edwards is if he'll use the Aztecs and Bucs as leverage to avoid the situation he was in during his final days in New York. He might want to make a few adjustments to his coaching staff, and it'll be difficult to add any new faces if the head coach is working under a one-year deal.

And if he's going to get the Chiefs back to the playoffs, Edwards might want some assurances that he'll have more than a single year to accomplish that.

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