No Doubt

There's a funny thing about life that affects everyone. It's called doubt. We doubt this and doubt that and in the end we probably doubt just about everything we intend to do.

Humans are the one species that consciously acknowledge doubt as a decision maker. When we are thinking of making a change for whatever reason, doubt is hanging out there and if we doubt a certain path a decision may take us down, we don't take it. Logical.

Now it comes to pass that some local media members are hell bent on injecting doubt as the prime observation regarding the path the Kansas City Chiefs are taking this offseason. Everything was great when Scott Pioli was introduced as KC's new General Manager, and all the talk concerned how he was going to take the best aspects of his Patriots experience and bring them to Kansas City.

When Todd Haley was hired as the head coach, the first hints of skepticism began to creep into stories. Now, the fact that precious little information has been making its way out of the new office plaza at One Arrowhead Drive has driven some to think a grand conspiracy is at hand.

One thing is for sure, information from the Chiefs is nil. This is by design, however, and not some veiled effort to "get one over on us." As I have said before, this organization is moving into the realm of operating like a real business. If anyone stops and takes a look at how big business operates you will see many of the same things that are now taking place with the Chiefs.

Does this mean we'll never find out the inner workings of the Pioli/Haley laboratory? No. Given time and some honest journalistic effort from the press, Pioli himself, or through his stated spokesman Todd Haley, will eventually open up. We may not experience the Peterson era again, but at some point, the powers that be will realize the effort we are putting forth to gain information is designed to enlighten the fan base and popularize the Kansas City Chiefs to a city that is starving for a champion.

No one knows what the plan is, but everyone wants a voice in that plan. The nature of a professional football fan is one of skepticism and doubt. Especially when they are unaware of what the decision tree might bloom.

For some, this is the offseason feature they love the most - figuring out what their favorite team is going to do to improve and position itself for a championship. On the other hand, the press corps looks at this time of the year to determine where their storylines for the next several weeks will come from. The more controversial, the better.

Really, all that's taking place is the retooling of a broken organization. The new management team itself is trying to diagnose what ails this team. When they develop a treatment plan, we may never know what went into its formulation. We can only look at the results.

If it's now "alright to question Pioli and Haley," as some pundits put it, I ask when hasn't it been alright? There is no requirement that we can't question them, that's what the media's job is. Granted there have been some sportswriters saying that we shouldn't question Pioli and Haley, and my initial opinion was close to that, but I never said we shouldn't.

By all means we should take the available information, apply it to the generally accepted football norms, and see if it fits our definition. If the Chiefs win because of decisions made behind the scenes in a dark office, so be it. They'll be winning. If the Chiefs are still losing, then we'll know the decisions made were in error. The results will be what defines Pioli and Haley.

Most executives don't run an organization to destroy it. The decisions they make can have a harmful effect, but typically are not made with the intent to harm. This is where we are expected to take up the cause and scrutinize every single movement made to discover intent.

Pioli traded for a single-season wonder in Matt Cassel. Why is Mike Vrabel part of the deal? Did Pioli get one over on Belichick? Why haven't the Chiefs been more active in signing marquee free agents? Will they make any significant trades? Are Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters going away? Who are they going to get?

Does all of this sound familiar? It's what we've been wondering about for weeks now. But remember, this is entertainment. Sports entertainment at the highest level.

No matter who is running this team and no matter how this team performs, most of us will still have a soft place in their heart for the Chiefs. So even if we see an uncertain path begin to take shape, this team and this organization will still need support for decisions made on the business side as well as on the field of play.

Meanwhile, the only decisions we'll typically see being made will come during games. Those will be the most revealing about the direction the team is moving in. No doubt. Top Stories