The Arizona Connection

The defections from the Arizona Cardinals to the Chiefs this offseason were obvious. It started with Todd Haley and continued with assistants Maurice Carthon and Clancy Pendergast. But what about some players?

The Chiefs didn't make a run for former Arizona defensive end Antonio Smith, who signed with Houston. They also skipped out on ex-Cardinal Bertrand Berry, who signed with Atlanta.

There are other remaining Cardinals who could obviously benefit the Chiefs. One

example is franchised linebacker, Karlos Dansby. He's been trying to get a new contract, but this past week he declared a new deal was not close, leading to speculation that Arizona will seek a trade partner for Dansby.

He isn't exactly sounding like a man who wants to stay in Arizona. In fact, because talks have been slow prior to the team's offseason workouts, Dansby os not likely to show up, leading to many to speculate on the trade front.

Complicating things is the fact most NFL experts felt the Cardinals were idiots to franchise a linebacker who is solid, but not the NFL's best. Arizona franchise Dansby because they feared losing a player who fit into their system. They thought by franchising him, he'd give them a home town deal, but that strategy clearly has backfired to this point.

So how do the Chiefs get into this mix? They shouldn't give the third overall pick to the Cardinals for Dansby. But they could trade a first rounder if they make some other moves, first. So, if a rumored trade with the Denver Broncos takes place and the Chiefs acquire the 12th and 18th picks this year, and a 2010 first rounder, would the Chiefs ship one of them for Dansby?

Why not?

But this gets better. What about disgruntled wide receiver Anquan Boldin? He wants out of Arizona and despite all his efforts to be traded to the Miami Dolphins, he's still a Cardinal. Though we've heard he may not be a big fan of Haley, with a new contract in hand he'll be one of the NFL's highest-paid receivers. I'm sure that would smooth over any differences.

Like Dansby, Boldin wants a big-time contract, so the Cardinals are willing to trade him provided some team is dumb enough to give them the same deal Jerry Jones gave the Detroit Lions last October for wide receiver Roy Williams. In that deal, the Lions received four draft picks - the Cowboys' first rounder, third rounder and sixth rounder in 2009, plus a seventh-round selection in the 2010 draft.

There's no way the Chiefs would give that much for Boldin, but he's certainly a better receiver than Williams. But Boldin still wants to get paid and based on the fact he's one of the top receivers in the game, and a perfect fit for KC's new offense, you'd have to think the phone will be ringing between the Chiefs and Cardinals prior to the start of the NFL Draft. Plus, the Chiefs have the cap room to lure him.

But what do the Chiefs offer? What about Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez or Brian Waters? We've already heard of the trade rumors between Kansas City and Atlanta concerning Gonzalez. From some accounts, the Chiefs have rejected the Falcons' offer of a second-round pick.

So assuming Gonzalez isn't shipped to Atlanta, here's another one of my crazy trade ideas to chew on:

The Chiefs ship the 12th overall pick (acquired from Denver), Waters, Johnson and Gonzalez. In return they receive Dansby and Boldin, plus the Cardinals' second-round pick this year, and a 2010 third rounder.

Everyone wins. The Cardinals secure three players that will help them crush the NFC West and guarantee a playoff spot. Arizona would have a hole on defense, but they can grab one of three USC linebackers – Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing or Clay Matthews – to replace Dansby.

The Cardinals won't get as many big plays out of Gonzalez as they would Boldin, but his presence in the red zone would be a big matchup problem within the division. Waters is a bonus.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs would have a solid number one receiver in Boldin, which only makes Dwayne Bowe more lethal. They'd have a linebacker crew headlined by Mike Vrabel, Derrick Johnson and Dansby and recently signed free agent Zach Thomas. The Chiefs would still have the 18th overall pick to get their top rated 3-4 defensive end – LSU's Tyson Jackson.

Regardless of what happens, I strongly believe the Chiefs are not done dealing and you're going to hear a lot of potential names running through the rumor wire in the next 12 days.

With voluntary mini-camps starting next week, the coaching staff will get an idea of what they have and don't have - and who wants to be here in 2009 and who does not - as they make final preparations for the draft. Top Stories