Will Waters Show?

Brian Waters has been absent from workouts in Kansas City this offseason, and requested a trade at one point. Is the situation changing? Warpaint Illustrated.com has the latest.

Despite his absence from OTAs and other team activities this Spring, according to our source, Waters has arrived in Kansas City. It is unknown if he will attend Friday's practice, the first of Head Coach Todd Haley's mandatory sessions this offseason.

However, earlier this week Haley indicated he was expecting Waters to show up.

"I'm assuming that since it's a mandatory camp that everyone will be here," said Haley.

It's unknown if Waters has backed off his trade demand. Earlier this offseason, after a short, controversial meeting with Haley, the Pro Bowl guard went public with his desire to leave the Chiefs and expressed his general unhappiness with the situation in Kansas City.

Stay tuned to WarpaintIllustrated.com for more developments on the Brian Waters story.

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