Friday AM Report: Waters, Vrabel Arrive

The big mystery has ended. Both Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel finally joined their teammates Friday for the first of Head Coach Todd Haley's mandatory practices.

Waters did not talk about his desire to remain a Kansas City Chief or his trade demand, or anything else controversial. He was precise in his demeanor with the media. While it still appears that Waters and the team are at odds, both put on their game faces today.

Waters was not his usual self. He was guarded, and his choice of words had enough of an undertone that it was clear he still isn't happy.

Is that unhappiness stemming from his desire for a new contract, or does he want to be traded? We can speculate on this until the sun comes up tomorrow but the bottom line is that Waters is practicing this weekend. The business side of things, as he referred to it, will have to wait until the weekend ends.

Waters made it clear he doesn't like offseason workouts and thinks the time off should be used for family, while keeping in modest shape in order to prepare for training camp. But that spawns another question – will Waters be in River Falls? The jury is still out.

Vrabel, the other formerly missing Chief, made it perfectly clear he's excited and happy to be a Chief. He also had a great sense of humor. When asked about Haley's coaching abilities, Vrabel responded that it was difficult to make an evaluation after one 90-minute practice.

The Chiefs have Vrabel's locker next to Matt Cassel's, his former Patriots teammate, and that's probably a wise move. Vrabel discussed the "Patriot Way," mentioning that it's a different mentality compared to the NFL norm. He mentioned that the organization will keep the media pushed back as far as possible. In Boston, Vrabel said, the reporters had a job to do and often the Patriots made it as difficult as possible.

Practice Recap

WR C.J. Jones - The undrafted free agent from Iowa stood out for the second day in row. The Chiefs have restricted the media's view of practice, but Jones made some outstanding catches again today. He's a shade under six feet tall but is someone to watch.

CB Londen Fryar - Another undrafted guy with great NFL lineage - his father was former New England Patriot Irving Fryar. The younger Fryar certainly has some athletic skills and broke up a couple of passes today. He's a small corner but he's quick and reminiscent of Brandon Flowers. He received high marks for his play at Western Michigan. With the Chiefs searching for a fourth cornerback he might get an opportunity to be just that.

LB Mike Vrabel - He was taller than expected and is certainly in good shape. He didn't participate in many drills early in practice but that changed. What really stood out is that he understands this defense. He knew what to do, where to go and performed each drill as if he had already mastered it.

LB Jovan Belcher - Another undrafted player who looked good today. He was quick to the ball and seemed to have a grasp of the defense. He was in the right place time and time again and has a nose for the action.

G Wade Smith - In limited reps, he didn't appear to perform that well at left guard. This area is a huge concern because right now the Chiefs don't have a solid starting unit and little at the backup spots. The offensive line, in it's present form, isn't great. It was bad a year ago and unless some players step up this unit will be under the microscope until the start of 2010 free agency.

QB Tyler Thigpen - We've mostly forgotten about Thigpen since the addition of Matt Cassel, but so far he's been solid. He appeared to be more accurate Monday than today in seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 drills, but none of the quarterbacks really stood out today. They looked to be a little hurried. Thigpen wasn't as sharp but is much further along than he was at this point a year ago.

Other Chiefs Notes:

WR Mark Bradley - He was back on the practice field today, running good routes and catching everything thrown his way. This team needs Bradley to have a solid year. He's been on the sidelines up until today. He has an opportunity to get significant playing time this year based on the other receivers.

DT Glenn Dorsey - Another missed practice session. He did look mobile and pain free working on the injured squad with Brodie Croyle and Kolby Smith, so he might be ready to return soon. Top Stories