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Is it too early for the trash talking? Perhaps, but thanks to the words of a division rival, we now have something to talk about.

Last season the San Diego Chargers won two games against the Kansas City Chiefs by a measly two points. That makes them a "dominating" team that won the terrible AFC West with an 8-8 record after a huge meltdown from the Denver Broncos.

But now, Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie has been bashing the Chiefs for no apparent reason. We already do that as fans, but when another player mouths off about our team, isn't he feeling a little bit high and mighty, especially when he's part of a team that is in no way a lock to win more games than they did a year ago?

Cromartie went on to state that the Chargers will be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. But as long as Norv Turner is San Diego's head coach, that's unlikely to happen.

To make these claims in late June makes little sense. But while Cromartie's comments are amusing, to say the least, they also contain a grain of truth. Right now the Chiefs only have Dwayne Bowe as an everyday sure bet in their receiving corps.

Cromartie was also accurate to point out that Tony Gonzalez's absence is a big blow to the Chiefs' offense. In his mind, those two items give him cause to say the Chiefs will be terrible again, and that the Chargers will win both AFC West matchups by more than two points.

Who knows, at this point, what type of season the Chargers and Chiefs will have? But it's clear Cromartie loves to shoot his mouth off. But the timing couldn't be better for Chiefs fans, as it gives us something to think about before training camp since the Royals continue to play AAA Baseball.

Trent Green Speaks

With the smart decision to retire this offseason, former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green is settling into his new home in the area and was a guest columnist on SI.Com this morning. He took over for Peter King and it was a great read. Maybe we can get him here at Warpaint Illustrated?

Green made strong statements about Michael Vick and the unlikely event of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell allowing the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback a free pass back into the NFL. Green is right – Vick has paid his debt to society but not to the NFL.

He also had an interesting take on the Brett Favre situation. Green, of course, is familiar with the desire an aging player has to play. It was a look into the mind of a player who isn't quite ready to mow the back 40 once a week.

Then he went on to talk about expanding the regular season by two games, and trust me, it will be a part of the new collective bargaining agreement. Green made a good point about the fact the NFL is basically a year round sport. Players have to work on their craft year-round these days. The NFL Owners have to understand that.

And you had to like Green's insight about being retired. That hit home personally with me, because baseball games and practices have consumed a lot of my time over the past few months. But NFL players rarely have much time for their families.

Prisco's Power Rankings

Pete Prisco's player power rankings at CBS Sportsline are out again, lining up the top 50 plus 25 honorable mentions. Nobody from the Kansas City Chiefs was on the list.

Even the Detroit Lions had a player in the top 75. We can take some solace in the fact that current Atlanta Falcon Tony Gonzalez made the list at #31. Another former Chief, Jared Allen, checked in at #9.

Did Matt Cassel deserve the top 75? Maybe he's in the 76 to 100 range. Despite his contract situation, guard Brian Waters may have also deserved a spot.

Prisco's rankings bring to light how far KC's roster has to go to garner more attention at a national level. But despite the public opinion, privately there is some positive feelings about the 2009 Chiefs.

I ran into former Chiefs Executive Bill Kuharich at Derrick Thomas' Charity Golf Tournament a few weeks ago and asked what he thought about this year's team. Kuharich said he thought the Chiefs would finish 8-8 after his first glance at the 2009 schedule. Perhaps Prisco will have a couple of Chiefs on his list next offseason? Top Stories