River Falls Recap: 8/1 PM Practice

Saturday, August 1, PM Practice - 4:30 - 6:30 PM.

It was supposedly 68 degrees at the conclusion of the Chiefs' second practice this evening, but it was a cold 68 degrees. For the players, it's been perfect football weather, however.

Two more players did not practice with the rest of the team Saturday evening, increasing the total to 10. Brian Waters, Mike Goff, Dion Gales, Kolby Smith, Jake O'Connell, Derrick Johnson, Demorrio Williams, Ron Edwards, Glenn Dorsey and Damion McIntosh spent their practice session with strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith. The group was put through more conditioning and had to complete a set of exasperating bear crawls.

Practiced started with position-specific drills and compared to the morning practice, it was quieter for both the team and the fans.

Punter Dustin Colquitt got in some reps with the special teams unit, with wide receivers Rodney Wright and Quinten Lawrence playing returner. The drill was run at quarter speed as the blockers worked on timing and opening lanes for the return.

At 4:56 p.m. the team gathered on the center practice field for an official warm-up and team stretch.

By 5:04 p.m. the sound of an air horn signaled the team for the second round of position-specific drills. The defensive line worked with sleds while the offensive line weaved their way in and out of cones and practiced pass blocking.

Wide receivers ran five-yard routes and caught passes from wide receivers coach Dedric Ward while the quarterbacks paired up with the tight ends.

Interception drills kept the cornerbacks and safeties busy. The running backs went one-on-one with blocking pads, working on their ability to stop blitzers.

Another horn went off at 5:22 p.m., signaling the start of combined position drills. The receivers joined the quarterbacks for a drill that featured each quarterback throwing to a different receiver simultaneously. The receivers had a little trouble hanging onto the ball.

The offense joined the defense and ditched the cones and sleds to practice one-on-one blocking. Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie was not shy about getting maximum effort from his players, swinging his arms in encouragement.

The running backs matched up against the defensive backs in tackling drills. It was an emotional drill on both sides, and the players showed they were there to work.

11-on-11 consumed most of the second half of the practice, but was broken up with special teams work and a couple more skill drills. During 11-on-11s, running back Jamaal Charles fumbled the ball, a problem he had last year. In result, the team ran a 200-yard penalty run.

As it was the first day of practice, 11-on-11s were kept fairly tame. The Chiefs will show more during their real scrimmaging.

The practiced ended much like it started. The players broke up into groups and worked in position drills again.

With three potential starting offensive linemen out of practice, a drill pitting the nose tackle against the line showed the potential second-team line. Rudy Niswanger lined up at center, Cameron Goldberg at left tackle, Tavares Washington at left guard, Herb Taylor at right tackle and Darryl Harris at right guard.

To finish the practice the team ran the width of the field down and back three times. The drill was broken up into three groups, the first consisting of linemen and quarterback Ingle Martin, the second of linebackers and quarterbacks Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen, and the third of quarterback Matt Cassel along with the backs.

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