River Falls Recap: 8/3 PM Practice

One of the most talked about spots at camp is the designated "boot camp" corner. That's where players who failed Friday's conditioning have been working out. Nothing has been off limits, and these players are jumping through hoops.

Monday evening they did bear crawls, worked with the agility ladder and carried weights, but that's just some of the hardcore work they were put through. Running back Kolby Smith, defensive end Glenn Dorsey and linebacker Derrick Johnson have yet to leave boot camp.

Tight end Brad Cottam and safety DaJuan Morgan spent a majority of the practice on the exercise bike. Cottam is nursing a short-term ankle injury. It was Morgan's first practice off the field and no major injury has been reported. After leaving practice with a slight limp, guard Wade Smith joined them for stationary bike riding. Today was day four of camp and the players are sore.

While the special teams worked on kickoff coverage, kicker Ryan Succop worked on his approach. The drill was run at quarter speed and was mostly for the benefit of learning lane assignments.

At 4:55 p.m. the air horn sounded for the team's warm-up stretch and by 5:03 p.m. it was time for position-specific drills.

Running backs and tight ends engaged in a two-on-one drill. In attempts to make their way 15 yards up the sideline, the ball carriers had to pass two blockers with blocking pads. The running backs finished the drill and headed straight to the ladder to work on high knees.

The safeties practiced backpedaling and driving on the ball for interceptions. Meanwhile, the defensive line used the single sled to practice locking out their opponent and beating the blocker. Head Coach Todd Haley watched the line intensely during the drill. Afterwards, the line moved to a setup of four dummies as they practiced their pass rush.

The offensive line also worked with the single sled in run blocking technique. The running backs and quarterbacks met again to work in the red zone, as the backs shot through holes for hard touchdown runs. The defensive backfield worked on stopping the runners from breaking into the secondary.

A blow of the air horn at 5:21 p.m. gathered the defensive and offensive lines together for a blocking drill. Two offensive linemen took on one defensive lineman.

Tight end Tony Curtis made his way over to the bikes with a tiny limp. He had been on the bike Saturday, but practiced Sunday. Guard Wade Smith also joined the bikers midway through practice.

At 5:28 p.m. the quarterbacks and tight ends battled defenders as the tight ends worked on route running.

11-on-11 play began at 5:33 p.m. The running game was the focus and running back Larry Johnson took most of the carries, running with energy and power, showing that he is serious about his talk of making an impact this season.

During the drill, cornerback Brandon Flowers knocked down a 13-yard pass to the right sideline thrown by Matt Cassel. A short scuffle between players resulted in a punishment run for the team. The coaches did not want any quarreling. The drill moved up five yards each take to avoid wearing out the grass.

A horn at 5:42 p.m. signaled the start of kickoff coverage. The drill was run at full speed but without tackling. Wide receivers Bobby Engram and Dwayne Bowe caught kicks but did not return them.

The quarterbacks threw for the corners of the end zone without receivers in long-range touchdown attempts.

At 5:51 p.m. the Chiefs took a team-wide water break.

Seven-on-seven followed the break. Cornerback Maurice Leggett had one pickoff. Leggett has been impressive in camp so far with a nose for the ball.

Another horn went off at 6:11 p.m. and the Chiefs began a pressure drill that imitated end of quarter situations. The spot for second-string quarterback seems to be in Tyler Thigpen's favor so far. Leggett almost intercepted another pass during this drill. Defensive end Alfonso Boone was commended for his hustle and hard work.

Practice concluded with another conditioning run, broken up by positions. The players sprinted the width of the field down and back multiple times.

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