Tribal Voice: Canton Blog

4:11 PM EST - We finally found our way to Canton, OH. I don't suggest you make the drive, especially when you rent a car from a reputable company that happens to be without a car when you arrive and every other carrier in town is booked. I certainly don't recommend driving a car that is 50/50 to even get back home. But Lynn "Weirdwolf" Schmidt and I made it to Canton in one piece.

Of course the weekend is all about Derrick Thomas. All that matters is celebrating this weekend with his friends, family and the entire Chiefs Nation that firmly believes his entry should have come years ago. But regardless, he's in now and Saturday should be an emotional day.

Carl Peterson will offer up the induction speech and Derrick's son Derrion, who is headed to the University of Missouri as a walk on, will also offer up a few words.

Steve Sabol at NFL Films has put together an amazing video tribute for Thomas. This one has a personal touch because of Sabol's affection for the Chiefs, which goes all the way back to Super Bowl IV when he was an intern for his father Ed Sabol, who began NFL Films.

If you've never been to Canton, it's not much different than most cities. There are some really nice areas and some not so nice. The Hall of Fame is tucked into a quiet community and we'll check it out today.

The stadium will host Sunday night's game isn't all that big, either. It's reminiscent of a poor man's Memorial Stadium, in regards to the way it's set in a small suburban neighborhood with aging houses. It has a college feel to it.

Most of the dignitaries will come in at some point on Friday, so not much will happen today or this evening. Nonetheless we are on the ground in Canton for the start of an incredible weekend.

On the Chiefs' front, Tyson Jackson has reportedly agreed to terms on his rookie contract, which is the richest contract in team history in regards to total dollars. It's imperative now that he gets into camp as quickly as possible. I imagine when he does he'll spend a few days in boot camp. Let's hope his visit is a short one.

In other camp news, the Chiefs don't appear to be settled on their receivers. Even though they signed Amani Toomer to a one-year contract, they may not be done adding receivers. They passed on DJ Hackett largely in part to his injury history.

I spoke with a close friend of Toomer's yesterday, who told me how ready he is to prove he still has some game left. He's been working out and appears to be in great shape in River Falls. Right now he's the number two receiver behind Dwayne Bowe. If Toomer can shake off some of the rust and find some rhythm with Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, this move could be one we remember. Top Stories