River Falls Recap: 8/12 AM Practice

Linebacker Zach Thomas was doing individual work Monday morning. He made a short appearance on the exercise bikes and then disappeared. He has not practiced with the team for about four days.

Tight end Jake O'Connell, running back Kolby Smith (who has yet to practice), offensives guard Tavares Washington and Wade Smith, offensive tackle Damion McIntosh and safety DaJuan Morgan worked on the exercise bikes. Morgan spent time running sprints and agility drills with strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith.

It was an interesting practice for the quarterbacks. Just who claims the second spot on the depth chart is an ongoing story, but Tyler Thigpen did some things right this morning. His was on and had a good practice, even receiving compliments from head coach Todd Haley. Brodie Croyle did not have his best practice and received some criticism from Haley, who told him he needed to get the pass off sooner. It's been a problem for Croyle, who has let the pocket close down.

Dwayne Bowe may be working his way to higher ranks. He played exclusively with the second and third-string offense yesterday but received reps with the starters today. Haley said Bowe worked hard for the ball yesterday—what he's been looking for.

Running back Dantrell Savage ran well today and the coaches noticed. He did a nice job of getting through the hole on some shifty runs.

Wide receiver Rodney Wright was not so fortunate, and was told he needed to start running during a kickoff return drill. Haley said he had told him 20 times and did not want to do it again. More coaches joined in and made sure he knew it wasn't a dress rehearsal and that his performance would not cut it Saturday in the Chiefs' preseason game.

Linebacker Tamba Hali continues to impress. He has been swift and plays with intensity. Haley said Hali is starting to look like a linebacker, the best compliment he could give him at this point.

Former Giants, Browns and Eagles tight end Mark Bavaro made a special visit to training camp as a guest coach. He will be with the Chiefs through their first preseason game. Haley said Bavaro is one of his all-time favorite players and exemplifies everything the team is trying to accomplish.

Haley was pleased with his team's work in full pads and practice was cut a half-hour short.

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