Five to Watch: Seahawks vs. Chiefs

Generally the third preseason game sets the tone for the regular season. With training camp officially ending this past Thursday, Head Coach Todd Haley will put on his game face Saturday and do what needs to be done to get his team ready for the regular season.

The Seattle Seahawks enter Arrowhead Stadium with as many questions as the Chiefs. Each team has something to prove Saturday night.

The Chiefs must find a way to win. If not for a series of play-calling blunders on the final series at Minnesota last Friday, Haley's bunch might have a win under their respective belt. This weekend he has to keep his starters in the game well into the third quarter.

Haley has been vocal with his football team and his in-your-face approach will either wake players up or put them in the doghouse. It's an interesting balance because some of the rumblings we've heard from the Chiefs' players is that some of them are not sure where they stand.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, because it's high time each and every one of the Chiefs be accountable and begin the fortification process to become a solid team. After Saturday's game, we should know what we can expect from the Chiefs in the first half of the 2009 season.

Haley has been all business and his message has been the same since he arrived shortly after the Arizona Cardinals fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers last February. But now it's time to show that he can coach.

Hopefully he treats this game as if it were the final game he played a few months ago. The players need to see some results for all the work they've put in and the demands the coaching staff has put upon them.

The players will determine wins and losses, but the head coach has responsibility, too. My eyes are on Haley.

Five To Watch

WR Dwayne Bowe - If he's NOT starting, he should just run out with the first unit, pull Terrance Copper off the field and take his place with the offense on the opening drive. The doghouse doesn't fit Bowe any longer and if Matt Cassel is going to grow from his solid performance a week ago, he needs his best hands in the game.

LG Brian Waters - I'm calling the All Pro Guard out. Last week on several inside pass rushes, he was eaten up. At one point he flailed his arms in the air, as if his teammates blew it. That's not fair. If he's going to be a leader and he wants to regain the status of an All Pro, he needs to help his struggling center Rudy Niswanger, and his two new offensive linemates who came over from Miami.

WR Ashley Lelie - I was impressed with his play in the fourth quarter last week. He caught two balls out of bounds, but held onto them. I dare say Bowe, Mark Bradley and Lelie is KC's best receiver trio. Lelie, with his speed, actually makes me excited about this unit. If the Chiefs can get anything out of Amani Toomer, they have some veteran guys who can indeed make Cassel look a lot better.

DE Glenn Dorsey - I hate to use the word bust, but we're heading there. The fact Dorsey is on the trading block, has been on the trading block and to date has just a single assisted tackle in two preseason games makes me nervous that he's even a lock to make the final 53 man roster. He needs to do something, anything, at this point.

LB Corey Mays - Despite the unknown injury of veteran linebacker Zach Thomas, the Chiefs have been rewarded with the play of Mays. He's had two solid games in a row and if he can have a third, he'll start the season in Baltimore as one of KC's four linebackers. I like his attitude and drive, and he has talent. If the best thing to come out of the Thomas injury is the eruption of Mays as a playmaker, kudos to general manager Scott Pioli for signing both of them. Top Stories