Johnson Sounds Off On Chan Gailey

Chan Gailey was relieved of his duties as Kansas City's offensive coordinator Monday. What did running back Larry Johnson think of the move?

Did the Chiefs need to make a change at offensive coordinator?

From the outside looking in, like my mother says, there's too many roosters in the hen house, so to speak. Two coordinators, both passionate about what they do and how they want to call plays? For me it was only a matter of time. But it's the coaches' and Scott Pioli's decision.

Did it look to you like it wasn't fitting together?

I wouldn't know. It was [Haley's] decision so I can't really answer that. It's what he wanted to do. I thought the last game we were moving the ball well but certain things, detail-wise, couldn't get us that win. But there was nothing to me that was blaring like he wasn't doing his job.

Did Todd Haley tell you what his plans were?

A lot of people really won't know what Todd's playcalling is going to be like. That probably will help us against Baltimore when things really get rolling so I don't even know what his plans are. This is not Arizona, so he knows that different players need different plays.

Does this hurt the offense short-term or is it a positive?

I don't know. Until we get on the field and start winning games and are doing the things we need to do detail-wise it really doesn't matter who's calling the plays. We have to get out there and execute and do the things we need to do right, no matter who calls the plays.

What's it like losing your starting quarterback?

To me it's like déjà vu five times over. It happened with Trent, it happened with Brodie, it happened with Damon. It falls on the running game and the next quarterback who's ready to step up and take command.

Do you think this means good things for you?

As far as what Todd told me, we were going to go back to running the football and doing the things we normally did before Todd showed up here. What we did well was run the football. It puts more pressure on me being that Baltimore is the first game of the season and they have a great defense. Now it makes a difference if they play eight in the box or nine in the box, so we've all got to do our part to pick up the extra slack.

Were you surprised that Chan stayed on when Haley was hired?

Todd, from what I hear, likes to take control and do things his way and do the things that will put us in the best situation to win. I'm not saying that Chan didn't do that, it's just that Todd has the higher straw. It was inevitable that this was going to happen.

Did you think Chan was a good coordinator?

I think so. It was just tough last year, we went through three different quarterbacks and then we had to change the whole offense to fit one quarterback's gifts and strengths. He did well for what he was working with. We weren't out there with 11 Pro Bowlers. We had to mix and match and change a lot of things since Brodie went down.

How do you think Thigpen will fare in Haley's offense?

It depends on him getting better at taking the ball from under center and doing the things he needs to do to get better in preseason games. It's all on him, I can't really speak for him.

You've been so positive this preseason, do you think you still have the tools to get things done and open with a win?

I think so. It's all about utilizing our strengths and not our weaknesses. We have to band together as a team and follow Todd's lead and follow Pioli's lead and do the things we need to do. Their dedication to winning has already shown so we have to understand we're in a situation where we're the underdogs now. We have to come out guns blazing and do the things we need to do to get this team back winning. I've been here when we were undefeated for a long time and I've been here when we didn't win any games so this is the time we have to turn the tide and be positive.

Do you have a quarterback preference?

Not really. That's more of a receiver thing. Me, I'll just go back there and pass block and get handoffs and occasionally get a dump down pass. It's a bigger change for the receiver than the running back. Top Stories