Five To Remember - Chiefs vs. Raiders

In a bitter loss such as Sunday's, it's hard to find five players who stood out. But let's see if we can find the silver lining from the Silver and Black's win.

1. DE Glenn Dorsey - By far his best game as a Kansas City Chief. I'm going to start eating some major crow because I never thought he'd make an impact on this defensive line. He was all over the field today and his instincts against the run where outstanding. Dorsey quickly diagnosed a screen pass and nearly had an interception at the goal line. His reclamation project at defensive end could indeed pay dividends. Maybe the decision to keep him a Chief instead of sending him to Atlanta on draft day will turn out to be prudent.

2. WR Bobby Wade - Todd Haley was aggressive in luring Wade away from the clutches of Indianapolis Colts. There was no doubt, based on the fact he was in the starting lineup Sunday, that Haley promised him an immediate jump up the depth chart. Wade led the Chiefs with six receptions and was key to the offense in the first half. This was a good pickup for Kansas City and should help Cassel in the future.

3. DT Tank Tyler - This line is starting to bear fruit against the run. They still can't sack the quarterback worth a darn but they can at least hold their own in the running game. One of the primary reasons they held the Raiders to 67 yards rushing was the seven solo tackles that Tyler racked up against Oakland running backs. He's clearly better than his backup, Ron Edwards. Now if he can get a push up the middle and get to the quarterback, the Chiefs might really have something special.

4. QB Matt Cassel Despite two interceptions and dropped passes, he made the play that would have won the game for the Chiefs. His picture-perfect throw to wide receiver Dwayne Bowe gave the Chiefs a 10-6 lead with two minutes remaining. But it was his disastrous execution in the two-minute drill at the end of the first half that resulted in a loss. With no timeouts he threw an ill-advised pass to Dantrell Savage in the flat. In that situation you either go for the end zone or you throw it out of bounds. He did neither and the Chiefs ran out of time and didn't get three big points they needed at the end of the game. Expensive quarterbacks can't make those mistakes.

5. DE Wallace Gilberry - The Chiefs' backup defensive end was credited with a big-time sack late in the game when he took down JaMarcus Russell. Because the Raiders' quarterback was on the ground and Gilberry pulled out an All-Star Wrestling move to land squarely on top of him, he was flagged for a personal foul. It was hardly a fair trade off. However, it does point out the irony of the Chiefs' losing ways.

Honorable Mention

1. RB Larry Johnson - With 119 yards of total offense, it's clear the Chiefs need to get him more involved in their passing game. He looked great in the running game Sunday but in the flat catching passes, he was elusive and rumbled down the field. More please, Mr. Haley.

2. P Dustin Colquitt - He continues to be a star for this football team. But he was robbed Sunday after he perfectly executed a punt in the third quarter that was rolling harmlessly towards the goal line. Linebacker Monty Beisel prepared to down the ball at the one-yard line, but whiffed and allowed a touchback.

3. FB Mike Cox - He was outstanding as a blocker Sunday and if this team is going to continue to run the ball, he'll be key. Cox's 16-yard catch on a perfectly executed throw by Cassel gave me visions of Todd McNair. Though Cox will never fall in that category, he's making a name for himself in this offense and more plays going his direction might be called for. Top Stories