Chiefs Prepare For Eagles, Vick

This just in, there is no quarterback controversy. No, yesterday Warpaint Illustrated did not report a quarterback controversy. We simply reported what Bill Maas said on radio airwaves – that head coach Todd Haley wanted Brodie Croyle as starter and general manager Scott Pioli wanted Matt Cassel.

Tuesday, Haley did not extinguish the quarterback controversy flame, but on Wednesday he did.

"No there is not a quarterback controversy," said Haley.

Croyle also quelled the rumor, indicating he didn't even know about it.

"I didn't know," he said. "I just come up here and prepare every day and just try and get better. Matt's the man. They brought him here to be that, and I just go out there and try to play. Whenever my numbers called, I go out there and play, but there's no controversy."

There you have it. There is no controversy. Yet.

Moving on to Philadelphia's quarterback situation, Eagles head coach Andy Reid said Donovan McNabb did not practice Wednesday, and that if McNabb's not under center Saturday, Kevin Kolb would get the start. That came as no surprise to Haley.

"I would expect, just off of my common sense, that it would be (Kolb), seeing that he threw for 391 yards," he said. "Anybody capable of doing that, I would think, that's a pretty big positive for that kid, but I can't make decisions for them. I've got enough to worry about."

One of Haley's worries is who might be taking snaps other than McNabb or Kolb. The Eagles lined up in the wildcat formation nine times last week, with three different players taking snaps - Desean Jackson, Brian Westbrook and Jeremy Maclin.

Linebacker Mike Vrabel says they all bring something a little different to the wildcat.

"I think if Desean Jackson's back there, you've got to know that he's back there, because he can circle you up in a hurry," he said. "Westbrook's got the ability to come inside or outside and throw the ball. I think Maclin's taken some snaps back there, so first of all, you've got to recognize the formation. Second of all, you've got to recognize who's back there."

Safety Mike Brown reiterated the role the wildcat could play in this week's game, especially if the Chiefs don‘t dominate from the start.

"If you don't stop it early, they're probably going to be in it mostly," he said. "Like the Dolphins (on Monday Night Football), they didn't get out of it because they couldn't stop it. On tape we've seen four different guys take the snap in that wildcat. Receivers take it, running backs, and you know of course Michael Vick can run it if he's in there. They got different personnel that can run it, and run it pretty well."

Aside from Haley just having to deal with the wildcat alone, now he must deal with a player who could arguably be the most dangerous wildcat quarterback since the craze took hold of the NFL - Vick.

"You don't always know what skills those guys have, other than what you're seeing them play at their position," said Haley. "Obviously if we had a guy like Mike (Vick) playing it, he probably throws it, I would think, better than any of them, so that adds another dimension to it, but his ability to run and throw, to me would be the scariest look."

Vick's return will be covered on ESPN, NFL Network, and appear in national and local headlines, so we won't go on and on about it here. But he is playing against the Chiefs this week, and could potentially be a difference maker.

The Chiefs are now facing something that could have been considered a strength for them in this early part of the season - the unknown. How healthy is Brian Westbrook? How about Desean Jackson? Will McNabb, Kolb or even Jeff Garcia be playing quarterback? Who is taking the snaps in the wildcat formation? Where on Earth is Michael Vick? This week, more than any other thus far, will tell us what kind of coaching staff we have in Kansas City. Top Stories