Five to Remember: Chiefs vs. Eagles

Nick Athan looks at the Chiefs who stood out Sunday in Kansas City's 34-14 loss to Philadelphia.

1. RB Jamaal Charles - Even without the touchdown he scored – it was negated because of a holding penalty against wide receiver Mark Bradley - he had a solid game. After he took over for the ineffective Larry Johnson, Charles asserted himself on KC's final offensive drive. He made a good play catching a low pass from Bradley, helping the Chiefs score their first touchdown. He needs more touches. I would not be shocked if he starts next Sunday against the New York Giants.

2. QB Matt Cassel - Despite the fact he only threw 18 times, he completed 14 passes, two of which went for touchdowns. Had Cassel thrown more, I'm not sure the outcome would have been any different. Maybe the Chiefs would have scored more points, but not enough to give any indication they were in the game. Cassel made better decisions this week and didn't turn the ball over, an improvement after last week. His chances were hurt with the injury to Dwayne Bowe but he made the most of what he had to work with Sunday.

3. P Dustin Colquitt - He punted nine times for a 44-yard average, easily making him the star of the game. Right now the Chiefs are lucky they have a reliable punter they can run out there as often as need. He's the MVP of the season to date. Let's hope he lasts the entire year and avoids injury, which plagued him last year.

4. LB DeMorrio Williams - Sunday was another solid game for Williams, who had eight solo tackles and was all over the field. He has gained in confidence in the absence of Derrick Johnson, who has been living in Todd Haley's doghouse and battling injuries. That has opened the door for Williams to show off his talents. In KC's 3-4 defense, you need linebackers who can make tackles. Williams has struggled at times, but he's playing in a defense similar to the one he played in at Atlanta, and that's giving him an advantage in playing time.

5. CB Brandon Flowers - He was solid today. Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb threw for 327 yards, but 99 came because of two missed tackles. If Flowers' teammates had not failed, Kolb's day would have been less impressive. Flowers is turning into the shut down corner Herm Edwards thought he'd be when the Chiefs drafted him last year. He's proving to be one of KC's best defenders. If I have a criticism, it's his post-play antics. Make a few more plays before celebrating so much.

Honorable Mention:

WR Mark Bradley - He made a great touchdown grab in the second quarter. He's KC's second-best wide receiver behind Bowe, and isn't bad throwing the ball, either. We all remember the bomb he threw to Tyler Thigpen last season. Though the pass he threw to Charles Sunday was a bit underthrown, Bradley has versatility and solid hands.

TE Brad Cottam - Only one catch, but maybe it was a sign he needs to get more involved in the offense. I'm not in love with the play of Sean Ryan to date and while it's unfair to think any group of tight ends can come close to the numbers Tony Gonzalez is going to put up this season in Atlanta, Cottam has some skills. Top Stories