Lightning Bolts Strike Down Chiefs

I'm guilty. I drank the kool-aid after the Chiefs' win over the Redskins and should have restrained. Against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead in front of a not-so-sold-out and wet crowd, the Kansas City Chiefs were pummeled by their division rivals 37-7 as even more weaknesses were exposed.

The Chargers ripped the Chiefs in all three phases of the game and the coming bye week will be a long one for this organization. Right now you have to question everything and wonder who will be around next season based on what was an embarrassing loss.

Everything was bad. The defense gave up big plays. The offense, led by Matt Cassel, was once again pathetic and the special teams were at their worst.

It all falls on head coach Todd Haley, who continues to be out-coached and has had his team ill-prepared to play football at the NFL level. That's harsh, but after getting the monkey off his back last week he now has a grand piano on his back. What changes can be made to salvage the 2009 season?

Haley made a critical error in going for it on fourth down in the first quarter Sunday, especially with his team already down 7-0 and on the wrong side of the field. The call to go for it wasn't so bad, but dialing up a quarterback sneak when you have nearly two yards to go for a first down is. Haley's play calling is getting worse and his offensive formations in the red zone are ill-conceived.

Dwayne Bowe was again a non-factor and there was no creativity from the Chiefs, offensively. No reverses, no flea-flickers, no half-back passes or anything that might catch the opponent by surprise. We saw the same formations we've seen all year that tip defenses off to the play call – run or pass. On the positive side, the Chiefs might have found another wide receiver in Lance Long. He may be the perfect slot receiver for Haley's offense.

Defensively, the Chiefs leaked like a bad oil pan. Cornerback play was awful and the pass rush was simply bad.

So what can be done? Nothing. Honestly, there isn't anything that Todd Haley, who might be on track to be a one-and-done head coach, or general manager Scott Pioli can do. They have designed, built and placed a terrible product on the field.

It's one thing to make changes as they have already done. But the talent they replaced this offseason didn't give way to upgrades.

The Chiefs are still crawling at the bottom of the NFL barrel. Cassel threw three interceptions Sunday and left at least 14 points on the field. The offensive line, led by Brian Waters, is horrific, and now center Rudy Niswanger is injured. Where is the pride in this group?

The Chargers entered the game struggling against the run, so you can't fault Haley for trying to run Larry Johnson, but it wasn't working. Until he spreads the field with four receivers and puts Jamaal Charles in the backfield his quarterback is going to continue to be killed.

Haley should have pulled Cassel in favor of Brodie Croyle in the second half. It might have taken some heat off him going into the bye week. Instead, he's looking over his shoulder. With a 1-6 mark, the Chiefs continue to self-destruct and he's at the top of the food chain. Top Stories