Haley Won't Talk About LJ

Once again, Todd Haley said nothing about the Larry Johnson situation Thursday, despite the Chiefs already levying a two-week suspension. Earlier in the week, Haley said he wouldn't address the issue due to a pending investigation. But with the punishment already doled out, it would appear the investigation is over. But he still had no comment.

Perhaps Haley doesn't want to talk because the Chiefs are still exploring their options. But now, five days after Johnson's initial tweets, those options should be clear, and it would seem as though they are considering the suspension. So, why is Haley not talking? Does he simply want to ignore the issue altogether in hopes that the questions will just disappear?

They won't, and Haley should know that after nearly two months of daily questions about Derrick Johnson. As he's labeled 610 Sports Radio's Nick Wright the "Derrick Johnson Question Guy," he may have to label the rest of the media throng the "Larry Johnson Question Crew."

Is it because Johnson is appealing the suspension? This would make sense, as perhaps the league, Scott Pioli or Clark Hunt have asked Haley not to comment while LJ's suspension is still pending. If this is the case, no harm done, but these questions are still begging to be answered. With the Chiefs off the rest of the weekend, we'll have to wait until at least 3:30 PM on Monday.

It's also possible we'll have to wait about until November 9, when Johnson is scheduled to come off his suspension if it holds up. By suspending Johnson without pay, the Chiefs are saving themselves $660,000. If they simply cut him now, they'd still have to pay him, so it's not out of the question that the Chiefs will cut Johnson after his suspension ends. Maybe that's what Haley is waiting for.

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