Five to Remember: Broncos vs. Chiefs

Who stood out in Kansas City's 44-13 loss to the Broncos? Nick Athan looks at five players to remember.

1. LB Tamba Hali - He's as impressive a defensive player as the Chiefs have at the moment. He's KC's defensive MVP and his agent should be making a play for more money. If the Chiefs won't give it to him, he should ask for a trade. Hali has been the one player who has made a total adjustment to KC's 3-4 defensive scheme. I was not a big fan of the move during OTAs, but I was wrong and right now Hali is something the Chiefs can build upon for 2010.

2. RB Jamaal Charles - He's the new Warpaint Illustrated cover boy. Did we jinx him? Charles' fumble was disastrous. Sunday's game is what the Chiefs are going to get from Charles until he's comfortable in the starting role. Even so, he didn't get enough touches and the Chiefs virtually ignored him in the passing game and that's a big mistake. That exposes a bigger issue within the coaching staff. Charles, despite his fumble woes, has to get at least 20 touches a game. If not, he's being wasted.

3. P Dustin Colquitt - His 63-yard punt was the highlight of the game. It was the longest play of the day and Colquitt continues to put opposing teams in long-drive scenarios. The Chiefs' defense hasn't helped him out but without Colquitt booming the ball seven or eight times a game the last two weeks, both the Chargers and Broncos would have scored 50 on Kansas City.

4. WR Bobby Wade - How can you be that wide open and not catch the ball? Wade reached up with one hand on a perfectly thrown pass, blowing a chance for an easy touchdown on KC's first possession. He received an earful from Todd Haley on the sideline and if that tirade was anything like the one Haley threw at veteran receiver Bobby Engram in Week 2 at home against Oakland, it's likely that Wade's future in Kansas City may be on the rocks. Wade has struggled since the addition of veteran Chris Chambers. The Chiefs sorely miss Dwayne Bowe.

5. QB Brodie Croyle - He should start next week against the Buffalo Bills. Croyle looked far more comfortable in the pocket against the Broncos, and if not for another pair of drops from Wade, he might have led the Chiefs to a score at the six-minute mark of the fourth quarter. Cassel is struggling badly and should have been pulled earlier in the game. Sooner or later, the Chiefs need to find out what Croyle can do. He's about to become an unrestricted free agent and right now he may be a better option than Cassel. Top Stories