Chiefs Run Up The White Flag In 44-13 Loss

It was another poor performance from the players. It was another terrible job from the coaches. It happened on the day the Chiefs retired the jersey of the greatest Chief of them all. It was embarrassing.

There are sandlot teams that have been more prepared to play than the Chiefs were against the Denver Broncos. We don't even need to discuss the awful fake punt, or the fact that Brodie Croyle wasn't given a chance to throw the ball until the game was decided.

So much for the Chiefs' two-game winning streak. Six wins probably would have sealed head coach Todd Haley's immediate future, giving him another season, but now you wonder if he will even get to five.

At the beginning of the season, a source told Warpaint Illustrated that Haley would need to win at least six games to earn a second season as KC's head coach. That's not going to happen now. So, if I was Clark Hunt, I'd be ringing Bill Cowher's phone.

The Chiefs flirted with Cowher at season's end a year ago, but he wanted to remain on the sidelines one more season. The scuttlebutt is that Cowher wanted to remain with CBS one more season before picking and choosing from what will be an avalanche of big money offers from teams like Buffalo, Washington, Carolina, Cleveland and possibly Dallas.

Haley can't make his quarterback hit wide-open receivers or convince his starting running back to stop fumbling, but his offense is awful at every level. To be fair, that's not true. Kansas City's offensive line played well Sunday.

Cassel had time to throw the ball but his receivers were swallowed up in Denver's bump-and-run coverage. Even so, it might be time to start Croyle the final four games of the season. Let's see what he has, if anything, the rest of the year. Cassel has had his chance.

Defensively, KC's secondary, led by cornerback Brandon Carr, was strong. Carr struggled early this season but he's making great strides. With Brandon Flowers playing better there is hope for that tandem in 2010, hopefully with an entirely new defensive coaching staff.

The pass rush outside of Tamba Hali, who had a sack and a forced fumble that led to a field goal late in the first half, continues to disappear. Hali is the only pass rusher the Chiefs can count on for the future. Mike Vrabel continues to log minutes that should go to Andy Studebaker. Corey Mays is taking reps away from Derrick Johnson.

Again, this is old news. But something has to change. On a day when Derrick Thomas was given his final honor, the Chiefs looked like a team that couldn't win a game even if he was on the field with them in his prime. They're simply not good enough.

So the players have plenty of blame in all of this, but the Chiefs' coaching is simply not able to recognize or design anything that brings out the best from the talent on this roster. There is some, but we're not seeing it. Nor will we the rest of the season. Top Stories