Browns Run Over Chiefs, 41-34

Most thought the Chiefs would struggle to beat the Cleveland Browns Sunday, but no one expected Cleveland's backup running back, Jerome Harrison, to run for 286 yards and three touchdowns, breaking Jim Brown's single-game team record. No one expected Joshua Cribbs to return two kickoffs for touchdowns. What does KC's 11th loss tell us?

The Chiefs are now officially the worst team in the entire NFL.

Sad to say, but it's true. While Kansas City's offense came to play Sunday, the defense quit in the second half. While the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams can't match the Chiefs' win total today, that matters little.

Even so, as fans entered the blacked-out Arrowhead Stadium Sunday, most were willing to give the Chiefs the benefit of the doubt in the final home game of the season. A strong showing against the Browns meant some fans might have bought into Todd Haley's future and been patient for another year.

But after the game, the fans our Warpaint TV crew interviewed had no confidence in Haley's ability to gain respect from his players. The consensus was that Haley's bunch, offense aside, quit against the Browns. The statistics not only indicate how poor the Chiefs' talent is, but drive home the point that the entire coaching staff needs to be gutted at year's end, if not sooner.

Haley is going to take the blame for Sunday's loss, as he should. He was the man who assembled the current staff, making the call to bring several Arizona Cardinals' castoffs to Kansas City. But what he needed were coaches with head-coaching experience. That didn't happen, so it's not hard to see why the Chiefs are now 3-11.

Offensively, the Chiefs had their best game of the season despite some drops by receivers and tight ends. Quarterback Matt Cassel threw for a season-high 331 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Running back Jamaal Charles ran for 154 yards and a touchdown.

But KC's defense allowed the Browns to run over them all day, culminating in a game-winning touchdown run with less than 40 seconds to play. Special teams didn't help, as after 21 unanswered points, the Chiefs' coverage units allowed Cribbs to run a kick back 103 yards, his second score of the first half.

The fact that Browns quarterback Brady Quinn threw for only 66 yards and a pair of interceptions further magnifies the deficiencies in Kansas City's run defense. There was absolutely no reason for the Chiefs to fear Cleveland's passing game, and yet they still couldn't stop the run.

It's getting tiring writing one downer article after another on the Kansas City Chiefs. We can rip Clark Hunt, we can rip Pioli, we can rip Haley, or we can even rip former general manager Carl Peterson. It doesn't matter. It's irrelevant.

The truth of the matter is that until someone in the offices in Dallas or Kansas City stands up and takes control of this franchise, it's not going to get any better. At this point, who cares who does it? It shouldn't matter how much it costs or who has to pay for it - even if it is the fans. The Chiefs need to be fixed.

The Chiefs won one game at home this season. Why would any of the fans, most of whom were forced to follow the game on the radio Sunday, purchase a single season ticket in 2010 if mass changes are not put into effect starting in January? Even the radio broadcast was painful to listen to, as the Chiefs ran commercial after commercial pleading with their fan base to buy great seats at the "New Arrowhead" next year.

A shiny new building won't bring playoff games to Arrowhead. The only thing that will fix this mess is hiring better coaches and finding more talent. That costs money. The Chiefs either spend the money to bring back the fans, or keep losing money and start a new streak of seasons that feature blackouts.

If that's not enough for the Chiefs' ownership and management to fix what is obviously broken, then do it to shut up the likes of yours truly, Channel 41 Sports Director Jack Harry and the Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock. Top Stories