Chiefs Introduce Weis As New OC

The worst kept secret in Kansas City came to fruition Friday as head coach Todd Haley announced the hiring of his new offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis. Will the Chiefs now go after Weis' old friend, Romeo Crennel?

There was no question that the Chiefs' offense would struggle this season when Haley announced he was parting ways with former offensive coordinator Chan Gailey 10 days before the start of the regular season.

What happened on the field offensively was a direct impact of the change so close to the start of the regular season. To boot, starting quarterback Matt Cassel was injured, and so mission to revive KC's offense never really materialized.

That all changes with the addition of Weis. He'll serve as the man in charge of developing an offensive system that could turn Cassel into an All Pro. It's not out of the question, as Weis already performed that magic in New England with Tom Brady, who started his NFL career as a lowly sixth-round pick.

Weis has four Super Bowl rings, so clearly his options weren't limited. He could have joined another franchise, but wanted to come to Kansas City. His relationship with Haley and general manager Scott Pioli played a large part in that decision.

"There were plenty of places that were out there that were opportunities," said Weis. "But I think sometimes when you really look at what presents itself, there are things that really intrigue you. Right from the start, Kansas City was a place that intrigued me."

You don't win multiple Super Bowls as an offensive coordinator without having a firm grip on philosophies that have served you well in the past. Weis, known as a brass-knuckles coordinator with an ego that drives him to succeed, had to feel comfortable that he could co-exist with Haley, who is similarly driven.

"Philosophically, what Todd has expressed to me coincides so closely with how I see things in the big picture that this marriage just seemed a very, very simple and plain one," he said. "I'm very, very excited to be a part of a growing process that has been started here in the last year. I've been able to watch the team from afar for the last month and gain more familiarity and I'm really anxious to get to work."

Haley now has an offensive coordinator that he can count on in late game situations. As the play caller in 2009, Haley often struggled preparing game plans against the league's top defenses. He'll count on Weis for that now.

"This to me is as perfect a fit as we could have here," Haley said. "Again, philosophically, our first-hand knowledge of each other and the relationship we had prior to this hiring will all ultimately make for a seamless transition for us and most importantly, for the team."

The Chiefs needed Weis and Haley was fortunate he was available. Haley, like Pioli before him, has again tabbed a familiar face to help the Chiefs become winners.

"We've been trained by the same guy in Coach (Bill) Parcells," said Haley. "When he became available, I thought it was very important that we spent some time together, which we spent a significant amount of time together over the last week or so, and I'm just really excited about the step that the Kansas City Chiefs are taking today."

If Haley can land Crennel to run his defense, the Chiefs will have two of the most experienced veteran coordinators in the NFL. That could lead to a more competitive football team in 2010.

The Chiefs and New York Giants continue to court Crennel, who may take the weekend to decide his future. Sources have indicated to Warpaint Illustrated that he's leaning towards joining the Chiefs, but so far the two sides have yet to work out a contract.

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