Chiefs Get Their Man

Inside Arrowhead's war room, it seems safe to assume that Scott Pioli made at least one phone call that had nothing to do with trading. Instead, it was simply to share a laugh with an old friend: Atlanta Falcons' G.M. Thomas Dimitroff.

It was because of comments Dimitroff made to Sports Illustrated's Peter King that a lot of people dismissed the idea of the Chiefs taking safety Eric Berry with the draft's fifth pick. As some suspected, and as we all now know, that story wasn't exactly an accurate representation of Pioli's feelings.

If you're interested in a more detailed look at why Berry made perfect sense for the Chiefs, just yesterday I examined the issue in-depth in version three of the "What Would Pioli Do?" series. But in summary, by drafting Berry the Chiefs have added a potential game-changer and defensive leader like they haven't had in years.

There should be little doubt that the Chiefs coveted Berry throughout this process. From the SI smokescreen to Berry's workouts with Brandon Flowers to Romeo Crennel being on hand to personally run Berry's pro day drills, the signs were always there. Add in Pioli's remarks about wanting the sort of high-character person who could handle the responsibility of such a large financial commitment, and Berry topped a very short list of potential candidates.

Perhaps the best part of the pick is that, by flaunting the conventional wisdom that safeties aren't worth such a high draft pick, Pioli has restored some faith that he's the type of forward-thinking G.M. everyone thought they were getting a year ago. Passing on a superior player like Berry because of outdated notions of "value" – and worse yet, taking an unneeded offensive lineman -- would have been a difficult pill for many Chiefs fans to swallow.

And the fun's not over yet. The Chiefs have the fourth pick of the second round and there will be several high-quality players for them to choose from – a group that may be led by Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen, whose slide out of the first round was one of the bigger stories of the draft.

Could Clausen and Weis be reunited tomorrow? How about Weis and receiver Golden Tate? Nose tackle Terrence Cody, outside linebacker Sergio Kindle, and safety Taylor Mays are just a few of the players the Chiefs could look add with their first of two picks in the draft's second round.

All in all, Friday should be another highly productive day. Top Stories