Hard Nosed Alabama Corner Falls to KC

It's clear the Chiefs are going to add toughness to their football team. By adding Safety Eric Berry and receiver Dexter McCluster, GM Scott Pioli drafted the smallest and mightiest cornerback on his draft board, that can also return kick-offs.

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to maintain a common theme in the 2010 NFL Draft. They are adding high quality athletes who come from solid college programs that can impact their roster this season.

Count me a fan of their second pick of round two, Alabama Cornerback Javier Arenas. He won't wow you with his 5' 8" frame. He won't impress you with his blazing speed but he'll be in the right place at the right time and won't back down from any receiver.

Arenas has enough speed that if beaten off the line of scrimmage he can make up for lost ground. He was one of three Captains for the 2009 Alabama BCS Title team.

His stock rose in recent weeks because he's can serve a dual role for an NFL team.
BR>He'll fit into KC's defense under new Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel and also be able to handle all the kick-off return duties for a team that has no consistent special teams return man.

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