Boys of Summer

You can almost hear Thin Lizzy's, "The Boys are Back in Town" playing in the draft day war room as Romeo Crennel double high-five's Charlie Weis as if they were playing volleyball in a Top Gun montage. All while Scott Pioli and Todd Haley exchange a Bill and Ted air guitar battle.

While watching Scott Pioli and Todd Haley at their post draft news conference I got the sense the Chiefs brass is getting downright giddy about this upcoming season. With their treasure chest of new toys they have accumulated over the past three days of the 2010 NFL draft, they have many reasons to be excited.

When asked about fulfilling the need for a return man in their post draft news conference, Pioli and Haley almost broke their Ben Stein-esque demeanor. As both men looked at each other, Pioli looked like a high school boy about to erupt into a fit of laughter about an inside joke both had obviously been laughing about earlier in the day. This is not work for these guys, this is downright fun.

"In general, we just felt like we needed some difference-makers. At least on paper and how we came out of this weekend, I think we're excited" said the fervent Pioli.

With only two 5th round picks in the final day of the draft, the chiefs still found two players that can make an immediate impact in safety Kendrick Lewis and defensive end Cameron Sheffield.

Lewis, safety out of Ole Miss, is not the most athletically stacked safety in this draft but makes up for lack of speed with smart play and sheer determination. Given the reckless abandon these coaches are showing to this point, and Haley's perpetual dislike for Jarrad Page, Lewis could find himself starting the season opposite fellow rookie safety Eric Berry.

Cameron Sheffield, the second player taken by the Chiefs in the fifth round, probably won't join the starting lineup anytime soon but don't expect not to hear his name called this year.

"Sheffield was a starting defensive end for three years" Pioli said about the pick. "We are going to play him at the outside linebacker position and he has pretty dynamic pass rush ability. He will also have a shot with his speed and size to play on fourth down in some places."

Regardless of what many fans may believe about this years draft class, the Chief's brass is unapologetic-ally keyed up about their selections. Whether it's converting running backs to wide receivers or defensive-ends to linebackers, they are building this team not only with a bevy of confidence but without an inkling of fear.

Coming into this season there was lots of grumblings around Chief's nation about this new Chiefs regime. This good ole time vibe coming from the top of the front office is a good thing for this new generation of Chiefs. If this fast time's vibe can matriculate its way down to the football field, the Chief's nation should have a far out sense of optimism this team could compete when the season starts in September. Top Stories