Packers vs. Chiefs Preview: Special Teams

When it comes to the fourth and final preseason game, special teams might be the most important phase of the game. That's because the players who are fighting to stick around will have one final chance to make their case, and roster spots are often won and lost based on who can be more valuable on special teams.

Of course, we know that the major positions are already spoken for. Punter Dustin Colquitt continues to deliver his usual strong performances. After a pair of misses from over 50 yards in the preseason opener, kicker Ryan Succop has been 4-for-4 in his field goal attempts.

Then there's the return game, where second-round picks Javier Arenas and Dexter McCluster have shown game-breaking ability. At practice this week, the team reportedly lined up for kickoffs with both players back deep to receive, which quickly got fans buzzing.

Unless Arenas and McCluster have shown an ability to be effective blockers, however, it's unlikely that such a formation would be used very often. Still, perhaps we'll get a look at it Thursday night.

But it's the less-heralded positions on special teams that the coaching staff will be focusing on after the game, as they watch the tape to see which players are properly executing their assignments.

As viewers, we won't know what the players are specifically being asked to do on a given play. But we can still keep an eye out for the guys making tackles, the guys getting down the field and covering punts, and the guys opening up lanes with their blocks on kick returns.

Those may be the same guys who find themselves on the roster once the final cuts are in. Top Stories