Green Bay vs. KC Review: Special Teams

The Chiefs started out their game against the Packers with a blazing 44-yard run by Javier Arenas that let Arrowhead roar with excitement. This exciting beginning to the Chiefs' first preseason victory highlighted a tremendous effort by the special teamers against the Green Bay Packers.

While the fourth and final preseason game might not matter to most fans or star players of the NFL, it means most to the guys who don't want to be the ones that see pink slips in the morning. Special teams is probably the safest route for a player on the brink in order to make a final roster.

Despite the strong showing from Arenas early in the game, kicker Ryan Succop took the air out of the stadium when he missed a 51-yard field goal. He redeemed himself later in the game connecting on a 21-yarder. That field goal came late enough where it just about assured the Chiefs of their 17-13 victory.

Jeremy Horne added to his solid offseason resume by showcasing his agility in covering the field after a Green Bay punt after the Chiefs scored their first touchdown of the game.

But later on in the third quarter, he made a boneheaded move in trying to be like Dante Hall; Horne ran into fellow receiver Terrence Copper when he was handed the ball by Dexter McCluster and tried to swing back to the other side of the field.

Quentin Lawrence might be in roster battle with Jeremy Horne.
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Nonetheless, he lost about 12 yards on the play. While Horne had shown his worth on offense earlier in the preseason and in the game tonight on special teams, this one play still reminds us that he's a rookie prone to make mistakes.

Silly antics aside, it's safe to say that while Andy Studebaker continues to impress at the linebacker position, Horne may very well have taken his place as he top playmaker on special teams.

Another player I think worthy of making the cut on special teams is Cory Greenwood, who has plenty of upside with his speed and strength. His huge hit on Packers long snapper Brett Goode helped Javier Arenas in his 44-yard return early in the game.

Jackie Battle did most of his work on offense rather than his normal shift on special teams. He'll probably make the team as a special teamer despite his strong showing as Brodie Croyle's running back. Regardless, he's well deserving of a roster spot after this great performance.

Definitely the most intriguing part of the Chiefs' special teams game plan was that both Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas were in the backfield to return kicks. This opens up the Chiefs' playbook exponentially and should very well result in great field position almost every time either one touches the ball.

For the game, McCluster averaged 21 yards on kickoff returns while Arenas averaged 23 on punts. I give the Chiefs coaching brass plenty of praise for putting both of these rookie weapons of mass destruction in the backfield at the same time.

McCluster simply can do anything he wants on the football field.
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It was due in part to the Chiefs' special teamers that they stymied the Packers' return game and kept their high-powered offense to only 13 points. Though there was a scare late into the fourth quarter where the Chiefs were fooled on an onside kick, it wasn't much to worry about. In fact, it just gives them something else to work on in order to avoid heading into the preseason.

The special teamers gave the Chiefs' offense plenty of opportunities to latch onto a victory in the final tune-up game. Let's hope to see this success continue on September 13 against the San Diego Chargers. Top Stories