Former Colts: Where are they now?
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Eric Dickerson (RB, '87-'91) Calabasas, CA. Although he's involved in a number of business ventures, Dickerson is focusing primarily on his three daughters these days. He's working as an analyst for Sports Central for KCBS in Los Angeles doing commentary for their NFL pregame and postgame shows. (10/06,

Alphabetical listing:

Sid Abramowitz (T, '83, '87)
-- Is living in Marietta, GA and is a salesman for a distributor of packing and paper supplies. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Raul Allegre, (K, '83-85) -- Raul is living in Austin, Texas and working as a sports marketing consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mack Alston (TE, '77-'80) -- Is living in Alexandria, Virginia. He is an assistant football coach at Howard University. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Kim Anderson (DB, '80-'84)
-- Kim is living in Los Angeles and is working as an internet marketing consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Larry Anderson (DB, '82-'84) -- Larry is the assistant principal of a high school and lives in Shreveport, LA. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

John Andrews (TE, '73-'74) -- John is living in Sugar Land, Texas and is the president of a company that sells cartons. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Elmer Bailey (WR, '82) -- Elmer is living in Opalocka, Florida and is an on-ground service director for United Airlines. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Don Bailey (C, '84-'85) -- Is living in Florida and is the radio color commentator for the University of Miami football games. He owns 7 carpet stores in the Broward and Dade County, FL areas.  (The Jersey Johnny Radio Show, WIBC radio, 6/02)

Jim Bailey (DT, '70-'74) -- Is working as a real estate agent and living in Lawrence, Kansas. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Karl Baldischwiler, (T, '83, '85-'86) -- Is a civil engineer living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Quinton Ballard (NT, '83) -- Is living in Greensboro, North Carolina and works as a corrections officer at a state prison. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ernie Barnes (NT, '83) -- Ernie was murdered in 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Barnes (DE, '73-81) -- Mike is living in Sparks, Maryland and is a design and construction manager for Navy Marine Corps Intranet. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tim Baylor (DB, '76-'78) -- Tim lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a real estate developer and McDonald’s owner/operator. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Pat Beach (TE, '82-'83, '85-'91) -- Is living in Oak Harbor, Washington and owns a dive shop. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Kerwin Bell
(QB, '96-'97) Is the football coach for Trinity Catholic, a small Triple A high school in Ocala, FL (Orlando Sentiniel, 11/02)

Mark Bell (DE, '83-'84) -- Mark is living in Wichita, Kansas and is president of a carpet and floor covering business. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jason Belser
(S, '92-'00) -- Jason is a regional director for the NFLPA. (, 1/05) 

Cornelius Bennett (LB, '99-'00)
-- Is living near Miami, FL and currently considers himself a "stay at home father" at the moment, enjoying time with his son, daughter and his wife.  He's active in numerous charitable efforts including his annual golf tournament that recently raised $400,000 for Ronald McDonald Houses in four locations. He's also involved in a mentoring program in Alabama. He's also on the Steering Committee for the NFLPA's retired players' advisory body. (7/6,  

Tim Berra (WR, '74) -- Tim is living in West Caldwell, New Jersey as of May, 2001. He is president of a company that handles business for his father, Yogi Berra. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tony Bertuca (LB, '74) -- Tony is living in Chicago and works as a police officer, according to the Baltimore Sun. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Duane Bickett (LB, '85 - '93) -- Duane is living on the outskirts of San Diego, CA with his wife and two children. He is active with his alma mater, USC, hosting San Diego Trojans Club luncheons and speaking at university functions. (, 9/03)

Lyle Blackwood (S
, '77-'80)
-- Lyle is living in Dallas and is president of a technology company that evaluates athletic performance and consults with athletes. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Forrest Blue (C, '75-'78) Forrest is living in Roseville, Calif and is a real estate developer and general contractor. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Matt Bouza (WR, '82-'89) Is living in Lafayette, California and is owner and president of a company that sells parts for orthopedic implants. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Greg Bracelin (LB, '82-'84)
Greg is living in Bay Point, California. He is a sales representative for a company that rents out construction equipment. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Bragg (P, '80) Mike is living in Alexandria, Va. He's an account executive with a firm that offers employee benefit packages to companies. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Larry Braziel (DB, '79-'81) Larry is the branch director of a Boys & Girls Club and director of a youth ministry. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bill Brooks (WR, '86-'92) -- Bill lives in Carmel, IN . He became the Colts' Director of Community Development in 1998. (Colts 2000 Media Guide)

Ray Brown (DB/P/QB, '58-'60) -- Ray lives in Gautier, Mississippi and practices law in Pascagoula and and Biloxi, MS.

Norm Bulaich (RB, '70-'72) --
Norm lives in Hurst, Texas and works for a waste management company. (Indianapolis Star, 2000)

Randy Burke (WR, '78-'81) Is living in Lexington, Kentucky. He works as a marketing sales consultant for a television station. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ray Butler (WR, '80-'85) Ray resides in Houston, Texas and works as a shipping clerk for a tool company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

John Campbell (LB, '69) John and his wife Susan are living in Burnsville, MN.  He has traveled as a speaker for LifeBuilders, a men's outreach program of the Church of God. He also leads chapel services several times a year for college and professional teams. (, 6/03)

Roger Carr (WR, '74-'81)
Roger lives in Louisiana and is the head coach of the East Mississippi Community College football team. (ColtPower, 10/06)

Maurice Carthon (RB, '92) -- Carthon is the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. He was named offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions entering the 2002 season. He was their RB coach in 1991 after four years in that position with the NY Jets. Prior to that, Carthon was an offensive assistant, special teams assistant, and running backs coach over three seasons with the Patriots. (ColtPower, 10/06)

Raymond Chester (TE, '73-'77)
Ray is living in Oakland, California and is the owner of a golf course management company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jim Cheyunski (LB, '75-'76) Is living in Jacksonville, Florida. He is the assistant head coach at Episcopal High School and has 8 years of coaching experience at the high school level. (NFL press release, 7/01)

Elmer Collett (G, '73-'77) Elmer resides in Stinson Beach, California and works as a firefighter. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Fred Cook (DE, '74-'80) Pascagoula, Mississippi. Founder and director of a non-profit group working with at-risk youth. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Johnie Cooks (LB, '82-'88) Vicksburg, Mississippi. Special assistant for marketing and fund-raising for Alcorn State University athletic department. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Cleveland Crosby (DE, '82) Cleveland lives in Houston, Texas, but declined to talk about his career. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Terry Crouch (G, '82) Dallas, Texas. Salesman for a retail furniture company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Curtis (LB, '65-'75) Potomac, Maryland. Operating partner of a company that develops and sells apartment buildings. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Cotton Davidson (QB, '54,57) Texas. Cotton lives on a ranch and is a partner in a funeral home business after retiring from the oil business. He holds a summer clinic for high school quarterbacks and receivers. (Midland Reporter-Telegram, 07/05)

Sean Dawkins (WR, '93-'97) Sacramento, CA area. Dawkins is pursuing a career in real estate.  (, 8/03)

Jeff Delaney (S, '82)
McMurray, Pennsylvania. Account manager for a company that sells supplies for eye surgery. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Brian DeRoo (WR, '79-'81) Indio, California. High school teacher and coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dan Dickel (LB, '74-'77) Coralville, Iowa. Elementary school teacher and high school football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Eric Dickerson (RB, '87-'91) Calabasas, CA. Although he's involved in a number of business ventures, Dickerson is focusing primarily on his three daughters these days. He's working as an analyst for Sports Central for KCBS in Los Angeles doing commentary for their NFL pregame and postgame shows. (10/06,

Curtis Dickey (RB, '80-'85)
Arlington, Texas. Director of health and physical education at a Boys & Girls Club. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bucky Dilts (P, '79) Boulder, Colorado. Branch director of sales and marketing for a data services company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Randy Dixon (OL, '87-'95) Indianapolis, IN area. Owns a Wendy's restaurant franchise. (Indianapolis Star, 8/02)

Zach Dixon (RB, '80-'82) Germantown, Maryland. Personal trainer at a health club. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Marty Domres (QB, '72-'75) Reisterstown, Maryland. Managing director of Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ray Donaldson (C, '80-'92) Indianapolis, Indiana. Selling hip-hop apparel. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)  As of October, 2002 it was noted that Ray is now the offensive coordinator for the Indiana Tornadoes, a minor league football team. (Indianapolis Star, 8/02)

Steve Durham (DE, '82) Greenville, South Carolina. Machine operator at a 3M manufacturing plant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

John Dutton (DE, '74-'78) Plano, Texas. Owns a sign company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Ehrmann (DT, '73-'80) Baltimore, Maryland. Ehrmann is the defensive coordinator for the Gilman School football team while continuing to serve as the pastor of the 4000-member Grace Fellowship Church in Timonium, MD. He is co-founder of a youth program called Building Men for Others. (Baltimore Sun, 1/03)

Steve Emtman, (DT, '92-'94) -- Vice President of the American Family Film Foundation and presently has his own foundation, The Steve Emtman Foundation in which he provides support for under privileged youth.  Advisor and consultant for several fitness companies and working with the University of Washington Strength and Conditioning Department. Founder and CEO of Gotz2 Sports Incorporated, a sports product and apparel company. Founder of his most recent venture the Academy of Athletic Development. (, 8/01) Was inducted into the University of Washington's "Husky Hall of Fame" in 1999. (, 11/98)

Weeb Ewbank, (Head Coach, '54-'62) -- Died at age 91 on November 17, 1998.

Grant Feasel (C, '83-'84) Colleyville, Texas. Sells cardiology ultrasound equipment. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Federspiel (LB, '81) Lexington, Kentucky. Insurance salesman. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ron Fernandes (DE, '76-'79) Sterling Heights, Michigan. Sells fluid processing equipment. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tim Foley (OT, '81) Springfield, Ohio. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Chris Foote (C, '80-'81) Knoxville, Tennessee. General contractor in residential and commercial construction. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Willie Franklin (WR, '72) Rolla, Missouri. Franklin spent time as a missionary in New Guinea, then taught at Christian Universities and high schools. He is now a motivational speaker. (, 3/04)

Mike Fultz (DT, '81)
Lincoln, Nebraska. High school football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Garrett (P, '81) Marietta, Georgia. Vice president of a steel distribution company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ben Garry (RB, '79-'80) Moss Point, Mississippi. Minister. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ed George (T, '75) Sarasota, Florida. Retired. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tom Gilburg (OT, '61 - '65) Tom has lived in the Lancaster, PA area for more than 25 years. After retiring from pro football, he served as an assistant football and lacrosse coach at Hofstra University, and then spent four years as assistant football and head lacrosse coach at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He has been the head football coach at Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA) since 1975. (, 7/03)

Chris Goode (DB, '87-'93) --
Chris owns a sporting goods dealership and is working as the defensive backs coach for the arenafootball2's Birmingham Steeldogs. (, 7/00)

Nesby Glasgow (DB, '79-'87) Kirkland, Washington. Player Relations Director for the Seattle Seahawks. (NFL press release, 7/01)

Jerry Golsteyn (QB, '79) Sanford, Florida. High school athletic director. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Stephen Grant (LB, '92-'97) -- Tampa, FL.  After leaving the Colts in 1997, Stephen played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for one season. He lives in FL with his wife and three sons, and does speaking engagements on behalf of an Indianapolis-based organization named Sports World. He speaks to school children and youth groups about the challenges they will face as they grow up, and how his experiences and personal faith helped him make good choices. (, 11/04)

Anthony Green (DT, '81) Randallstown, Maryland. Recruits families for an organization that places foster children. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Wade Griffin (T, '77-'81) Lamar, Mississippi. Farm manager. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Perry Griggs (KR, '77) Lawrenceville, Georgia. Social worker at a psychiatric hospital. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Lee Gross (C, '79) Dothan, Alabama. Vice president of a company that paints stripes on highways. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Randy Hall (CB, '74, '76) Genesee, Idaho. High school football coach. Bar and restaurant owner. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jon Hand (DL, '86 -'94) Indianapolis, IN area. Owns a Burger King franchise. (Indianapolis Star, 8/02)

Jim Harbaugh (QB, '94 -'97)
After spending two years as an offensive assistant for the Oakland Raiders, Jim is now head coach at the University of San Diego (Div l-AA) (, 2/04)

Don Hardeman (RB, '78-'79)
Killeen, Texas. Retired. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Harris (LB, '82) Fayetteville, Georgia. Manager of a men’s clothing store. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jeff Hart (T, '79-'83) Lake Oswego, Oregon. Area director for Search Ministries. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Heimkreiter (LB, '80) Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Owns a sports marketing company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Darryl Hemphill (S, '82) San Antonio, Texas. High school football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Henry (DB, '81) Emporia, Kansas. Engineer at a nuclear power plant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mark Herrmann (QB, '83-'84, '90-'92) Indianapolis, Indiana. Associate Director for Education for the NCAA, which is headquartered in Indianapolis. ( Mark previously worked in Indianapolis as a financial adviser. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dallas Hickman (LB, '81) Scottsdale, Arizona. High school social worker, teacher and football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Chris Hinton (G/T, '83-'89) Roswell, Georgia. Owns a wine shop. (, 3/03)

Billy Joe Hobert (QB, '00) -- Hobert is living in the Los Angeles area selling real estate. (, 6/03) Hobert was previously living Puyallup, Washington near Seattle where he was a high school football star. (The Sporting News, 6/02)

Nate Hudson (G, '82) Rome, Georgia. Machine operator in a paper mill. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ken Huff (G, '75-'82) Durham, North Carolina. General contractor building custom homes. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Humiston (LB, '81-'82) Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. Director of public safety department at Waynesburg College. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

David Humm (QB, '81-'82) Las Vegas, Nevada. Director of sales and marketing for a website creation and maintenance company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Glenn Hyde (T, '82) Denver, Colorado. Retired. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Fletcher Jenkins (DE, ' 82) Lakewood, Washington. Hatchery specialist for state department of fish and wildlife. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Marshall Johnson (WR, '75-'80) Missouri City, Texas. His son Kevin is the star of Tulsa's basketball team. (3/03, Dayton Daily News) Internet-based business consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bert Jones (QB, '73-'81) Ruston, Louisianna. Owns and operates a lumber company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ricky Jones (LB, '80-83) Birmingham, Alabama. Owns and operates a window-cleaning business. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Vance Joseph (CB, '96) Colorado. Vance is the cornerbacks coach for the University of Colorado football team. (, 8/03)

Sid Justin (CB, '82)
Scottsdale, Arizona. Lead singer with the Miracles. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mark Kafentzis (S, '83-'84) Santa Rosa, California. Sales representative for a golf apparel company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Rex Kern (CB, '71-'73) Lancaster, Ohio. (, 1/03)

Blair Kiel (QB, '86-'87) Indianapolis, IN area. Blair is an executive coach and sales trainer. (, 9/03)

Mike Kirkland (QB, '76-'78)
Fayetteville, Arkansas. Financial consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Klecko (DT, '88) -- Lives in Colts Neck, NJ with his wife and is a representative for various construction companies. In 1996, Joe owned a health club in Freehold, NJ according to Joe's son, Dan, signed with the Colts to play defensive tackle at the start of the 2006 season after a few seasons with the Patriots. (ColtPower, 10/06) 

Jim Krahl (DT, '79-'80) Houston, Texas. Manager of a chain bookstore. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Barry Krauss (LB, '79-'88) -- Barry was living in the Indianapolis area and was Vice President of Operations for Fleetmax, an Indianapolis company that imports cars from Canada for delivery to auctions in the United States. (Indianapolis Star, 10/00) As of May, 2001 the Baltimore Sun reported that Barry was still living in Indianapolis, but was working as a motivational speaker and director of talent development for a sports marketing company. An October, 2002 update shows that Barry is the President and Head Coach for the Indiana Tornadoes, a minor league football team. (8/02)

George Kunz (T, '75-'77, '80) Las Vegas, Nevada. McDonald’s owner/operator. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bruce Laird (DB, '72-'81) Baltimore, Maryland. Regional sales representative for a real estate servicing company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Greg Landry (QB, '79-'81) Troy, Michigan. Account manager for a company that makes tools for the automobile industry. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Reggie Langhorne (WR, '92-'93) Cleveland, Ohio area. Reggie is the main analyst for WOIO TV in Cleveland for the Browns pre- and post-game shows. (, 5/04) 

Ron LaPointe (TE, '80)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vice president with Prudential Securities. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Roosevelt Leaks (RB, '75-'79) Lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Beverly. Real estate appraiser for the state of Texas for the past 10-12 years, directing a staff of 27 people. He's been working in real estate for almost 25 years. (, 7/03)

David Lee (P, '66-'78) Minden, Louisiana. Retired. (, 6/03)

Gene "Big Daddy" Lipscomb (DT, '56-'60) Deceased. In 1961, Lipscomb reportedly died in an apartment in the 400 block of N. Brice Street in Baltimore, MD from an overdose of heroin.

Toni Linhart (K, '74-'79)
Timonium, Maryland. President of a direct mail and marketing company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Derrel Luce (LB, '75-'78) Waco, Texas. Lawyer. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tom MacLeod (LB, '74-'78) Spokane, Washington. Firefighter. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tony Mandarich (OL, '96-'98) Hamilton, Ontario. Tony is co-owner of the Century Pines Golf Club in his hometown of Oakville, Ontario. (, 11/03)

Greg Marshall (DT, '78)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Assistant coach with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Marv Matuszak (G, '59 - '61) -- Matuszak lives in South Bend, Indiana and was recently inducted into the Washington High School Athletic Hall of Fame.  (2/03, South Bend Tribune) 

Vernon Maxwell (LB, '83-'84)
Tempe, Arizona. Personal trainer. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ron Mayo (TE, '74) Landover Hills, Maryland. Mail processor for U.S. Postal Service. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Reese McCall (TE, '78-'82) Birmingham, Alabama. Electrician. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Don McCauley (RB, '71-'81) Huntington Bay, New York. Senior vice president of a digital sports photography network. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tony McCoy (DT, '92-'99) Clermont, FL. Tony is married and has three children. He's the owner of McCoy Investments, a real estate company. He's also an ordained minister and promotes H.O.P.E. International (Helping Other People Excel) through his ministry work. (, 11/04)

Devon McDonald (LB, '93-'95)
Indianapolis, IN. After playing LB and FB in the Arena Football League for the Tampa Bay Storm, McDonald retired to devote himself full-time speaking to children at schools about the hard choices they will have to make in life on behalf of an Indianapolis-based organization known as Sports World. He includes in his presentation his own challenges trying to deal with fame at an early age and his own experiences with alcohol and drugs. (ColtPower, 10/06)

Randy McMillan (RB, '81-'86) Timonium, Maryland. Assistant high school football coach and sales representative for a chemical company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ken Mendenhall (C, '71-'80) Edmond, Oklahoma. Area director for Search Ministries. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Mike-Mayer (K, '79-'80) Glen Rock, New Jersey. Restaurant owner. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dan Miller (K, '82) Sebring, Florida. Consultant with a software company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jim Mills (T, '83-'84) Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada. Sales manager for a paint company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Lydell Mitchell (RB, '72-'77) Baltimore, Maryland. President of Parks Sausage Company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Alvin Moore (RB, '83-'84) Chandler, Arizona. Youth counselor working with juvenile offenders. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jimmy Moore (G, '81) Columbus, Ohio. Insurance agent. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Earl Morrall (QB, '68-'71) Florida. Owned a golf course, was mayor of Davie, FL, and now raises money for the Broward County Boys & Girls Clubs. (Miami Herald, 12/02)

Don Morrison (T, '78)
Wolfe City, Texas. High school football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Morrison (LB, '95 - '98) -- Morrison returned to his alma mater, the University of Michigan in 2002 as a video assistant and has been named outside linebackers coach for the Wolverines heading into the 2003 season. (2/03, Morrison is an assistant football coach at Birmingham Brother Rice in the Detroit, Michigan area. (3/02, Detroit Free-Press) 

Lloyd Mumphord (CB, '75-'76) Tampa, Florida. Cajun restaurant owner. Previous to that, he spent a number of years working on oil derricks. (Miami Herald, 12/02)

Greg Murtha (OT, '82) Maple Grove, Minnesota. Vice president of a company that manufactures window and door products. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dan Neal (C, '73-'74) Buffalo, New York. Assistant coach with the Buffalo Bills. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Andy Nelson (DB, '57-'63) -- The former all-pro defensive back lives in Hunt Valley, MD and owns a barbecue restaurant. (Baltimore Sun, 1/01)

Dennis Nelson (T, '70-'74)
Kewanee, Illinois. Farmer. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Doug Nettles (CB, '74-'79) Silver Spring, Maryland. Salesman for an orthopedics supplies company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Don Nottingham (RB, '71-'73) Ocala, Florida. Don is an insurance agent, continuing the career he started during the offseason while playing in the NFL. (Orlando Sentinel, 06/05)

Ken Novak (DT, '76-'77) Cleveland, Ohio. Co-owner of a company that builds custom homes. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jim O'Brien (K/WR, '70-'72) California. After trying sales for a few years in the 70s, Jim learned the construction business from his father-in-law in Minneapolis. Now he is a project manager based in California who travels around the country coordinating building projects. (, 1/04)

Stu O'Dell (LB, '78)
Mooresville, Indiana. Car salesman. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Cliff Odom (LB, '82-'89) Arlington, Texas. Owns and operates a Blockbuster video store in Temple, TX and does charity work with NFL Alumni, the University of Texas Alumni Association, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. (, 10/03)

Ray Oldham (S, '73-'77) Signal Mountain, Tennessee. President of a dry cleaning and laundry franchising company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Calvin O'Neal (LB, '78) Farmington Hills, Michigan. Owns a marketing and advertising company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Orduna (RB, '74) Irvine, California. Junior high school teacher. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Herb Orvis (DT, '79-'81) Tequesta, Florida. Citrus grove operator. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Ozdowski (DE, '78-'81) San Diego, California. High school teacher. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Gary Padjen (LB, '82-'84) Carmel, Ind. Executive sales and marketing director for a country club. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Pagel (QB, '82-'85) Strongsville, Ohio. Project manager for SBC, formerly Ameritech. He and his wife Lisa have 5 children, and he coaches youth baseball and football. (, 9/03)

Bubba Paris (OL, '91) -- Is living in Pittsburg, CA and is an ordained minister. Paris is also a motivational speaker who helps coach his sons' high school football team at Piedmont High. He also serves as a sideline commentator and postgame host for a local CBS affiliate's game coverage of the 49ers.  (, 9/02)

Jim Parker (OT, OG, '57-'67) --
The Colts' Hall of Famer
died of congestive heart failure and kidney disease on July 18, 2005 at a nursing home in Columbia, Maryland. He was 71 years old. 

Steve Parker (DE, '83-'84)
Died in 1995, Fort Myers, Fla. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ray Perkins (WR, '67-'71) Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Retired after four seasons as head coach of the Giants and four years with the Buccaneers. His final season as a head coach was 1990 after posting a 42-75 record, plus a 1-1 playoffs record in 1981. 

Reggie Pinkney (DB, '79-'81)
Fayetteville, N.C. Middle school principal. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ricky Porter (RB, '83) New Orleans. Director of player development for the New Orleans Saints. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tracy Porter (WR, '83-'84) Danville, Calif. Owns a brokerage firm with multiple locations in California. (05/06)

Roosevelt Potts (RB '93-'97) -- Potts is the assistant football coach and academic coordinator at Anderson University in central Indiana. (8/05)

Robert Pratt (G,'74-'81)
Richmond, Va. Owns and manages a golf course. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Prior (DB, '87-'92) Indianapolis, IN area. Athletics director at St. Luke's grade school in Indianapolis. (Indianapolis Star News, 8/01)

Bob Raba (TE, '80) Kalona, Iowa. Management consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tate Randle (CB, '83-'86) Geronimo, Texas. Owns a feed store. (Herald-Zeitung, 10/03)

Gerry Raymond (G, '82) Allen, Texas. Regional sales manager for a retail furniture company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Geoff Reece (C, '78) Salem, Ore. Publisher of real estate magazines. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mark Reed (QB, '83) Hutchinson, Minn. Plant manager for 3M Company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Glenn Ressler (G, '65-'74) Mechanicsburg, Pa. Real estate agent. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Danny Rhodes (LB, '74) Lake Jackson, Texas. Chemical process operator for a plastics company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

David Rowe (DT, '78) Asheboro, N.C. Manager of member and public relations for an electric utility company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bryant Salter (DB, '76) Miami. International business consultant and teacher at University of Miami. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Art Schlichter (QB, '82, '84-'85) Indianapolis. In Marion County Jail awaiting sentencing on federal charges including money laundering and credit-card fraud. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Howard Schnellenberger (Head Coach, '73-'74) -- Floirda. Is head coach at Florida Atlantic University. (Miami Herald, 12/02)

Freddie Scott (WR, '74-'77) Commerce Township, Mich. Business consultant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dave Sherer (E, '59) Dave works in real estate development in the Dallas, Texas area. (ColtPower, 5/06)

Tim Sherwin (TE, '81-'87)
Latham, N.Y. Regional sales manager for a mortgage company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

John Shinners (G, '72) San Diego, CA area. Shinners is working for ProSportsHR which provides human resources services to professional sports teams, current and former professional athletes who own and/or operate businesses and their respective alumni associations. (, 7/03)

Don Shinnick (LB, '57 -'69)
Shinnick died from a degenerative brain disease at age 68 in February, 2004 in California. At the time of his death, he was still the NFL record-holder for most interceptions by a LB. After his playing career, Shinnick coached with a number for NFL teams until 1990 including the Bears, Cardinals, Raiders, and Patriots. (, 2/04)

Sanders Shiver (LB, '76-'83)
Bowie, Md. Director of employment training and family services coordinator for an adult literacy program. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

David Shula (WR, '81) Fort Lauderdale, Fla. President of restaurant company owned by his father, former NFL coach Don Shula. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Don Shula (DB, '53 - '56, Head Coach, '63-'69) -- The 72-year old former head coach lives in Florida, owns 24 restaurants plus Don Shula's Hotel and Golf Club. He serves on the Miami Dolphins' Board of Directors, plays a lot of golf, and commands as much as $50,000 for a speaking engagement. He has 13 grandchildren. (2/02, Tallahassee Democrat) 

Mike Siani (WR, '78-'80) Myrtle Beach, S.C.. The 52-year old Siani is the director of football operations for the Myrtle Beach Stingrays of the National Indoor Football League. He has also been a color commentator for ESPN's Big East football coverage. Mike also works as a high school substitute teacher, assistant football coach, and golf coach at Socastee High School. He plays golf on the celebrity golf circuit. (ColtPower, 2/03) 

Dave Simmons (LB, '82) Miami. Employee assistance program representative for American Airlines. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ed Simonini (LB, '76-'81) Tulsa, Okla. Vice president of a company that manufactures construction-related equipment. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dave Simonson (T, '74) Austin, Minn. Police lieutenant. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Marvin Sims (RB, '80-'81) Austell, Ga. Middle school teacher and football coach. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

John Sinnott (T, '82) Mattapoisett, Mass. Senior project manager for a national real estate developer. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bubba Smith (DE, '67-'71) Bubba worked as an actor for a number of years in Miller Lite commercials and the Police Academy movie series. 

Ed Smith (LB, '80-'81)
Signal Mountain, Tenn. Chief manager of a construction and development company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Holden Smith (WR, '82) Nice, France. Artist. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ollie Smith (WR, '73-'74) Jackson, Miss. Manager of a grocery store. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Phil Smith (WR, '83-'84) Los Angeles. Sales manager with Abbott Laboratories. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Sommer (RB, '59-'61) Mike lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in the summer and Dunedin, Florida in the winter. A retired emergency room physician, Mike bicycled cross-country from May through July in 2005.  (10/06)

Cotton Speyrer (WR, '72-'74)
Austin, Texas. Between jobs in computer software industry. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Harry Stanback (DE, '82) Covina, Calif. Owns a company that provides security guards to the entertainment industry. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Rohn Stark (P, '82-'94) Maui, Hawaii. Stark is co-owner of Harbor Motors, the first car dealership in West Maui.  (, 2/04) He is a beginning PGA professional at The Legends of Indiana Golf Course in Franklin, serving his required apprenticeship there while maintaining his residence in Hawaii. He is also part owner of the course. (, The Daily Journal 5/02) Real estate investor. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Howard Stevens (RB-KR, '75-'77) Phoenix, Md. Financial retirement planner. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Tom Tabor (DT, '82) Arlington, Texas. Salesman for a bottled water company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

David Taylor (T, '73-'79) Reisterstown, Md. Owns and operates an Internet-based marketing network. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Hosea Taylor (DE, '81, '83) Gilmer, Texas. Machine worker in a factory. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jim Bob Taylor (QB, '83) Alpharetta, Ga. Commercial real estate broker. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Arland Thompson (G, '82) Aurora, Colo. Aerospace engineer. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Donnell Thompson (DE, '81-'91) Chapel Hill, N.C. Chairman and CEO of a hotel management company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Ricky Thompson (WR, '76-'77) Waco, Texas. Executive vice president of a bank. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Marco Tongue (CB, '83) Germantown, Md. Senior claims representative for an insurance company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Gino Torretta (QB, '97) -- Torretta was living in Maitland, Florida and working as a college football television analyst for ESPN. (Sporting News, 10/00) He has also been active with his favorite charity, the Shake-A-Leg Foundation in Miami - which teaches sailing to economically disadvantaged, mentally and physically challenged Floridians.

Johnny Unitas (QB, '56-'72)
Died at age 69 of from a heart attack on September 11, 2002.

Ben Utt (G, '82-'89)
Atlanta. Partner and national sales manager for an investment company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Randy Van Divier (T, '81) Mercer Island, Wash. Sales manager for FedEx Worldwide Services. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bob Van Duyne (G, '74-'80) Kalispell, Mont. Mechanic for a tool manufacturing company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Varty (LB, '75) Kingwood, Texas. "Semi-retired" from scientific supply industry. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Jay Venuto (QB, '81) Ithaca, N.Y. Senior manager for a golf course management company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Clarence Verdin (WR, '88-'93 New Orleans, LA. Clarence has four daughters and owns three barbershops and hair salons in New Orleans. He also works for Halliburton Energy Group. (, 12/03)

Rick Volk (DB, '67-'75)
Glen Arm, Md. Sales representative for manufacturer of industrial tools and machine parts. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Walsh (QB, '99) -- During a commercial break over the satellite feed of the August, 2000 preseason game between the Colts and the Saints, sportscaster Archie Manning mentioned that Walsh was living in Florida and working as a stockbroker.

Henry Waechter (DE, '83-'84) Grand Island, Neb. Part owner of a fertilizer equipment business. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Joe Washington (RB, '78-'80) Baltimore. Operates a professional financial practice known as Washington Financial Consulting Group.  In 1998 he and former pro basketball star Julius Erving teamed up to form Washington Motorsports, breaking into NASCAR’s Busch Grand National Racing Series. Washington also works during the NFL season as an analyst on a local Baltimore Ravens post-game show. (, 1/03) Was previously a marketing and financial adviser with First Union Securities. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Stan White (LB, '72-'79) Cockeysville, Md. Lawyer and host of a sports radio talk show. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Daryl Wilkerson (DE, '81) New York City. VP of Support Services at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City (9/06)

Kendall Williams (CB, '83) Las Vegas. High school teacher. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Kevin Williams (WR, '81) Killed in a 1996 train crash outside of Los Angeles. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Newton Williams (RB, '83) Charlotte, N.C. Driver for Emery Worldwide. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Williams (DT, '74) Ellicott City, Md. Insurance agent. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Bill Windauer (DT, '73-'74) Iowa City, Iowa. Fund-raiser for University of Iowa Foundation. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Leo Wisniewski (NT, '82-'84) Bridgeville, Pa. President of a company that produces instructional sports videos and other programming for coaches and athletes. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Will Wolford (OT, '93-'95) Louisville, KY. Wolford is majority owner of arenafootball2's Louisville Fire and has settled in Louisville with his wife and three daughters. (, 6/02)

Mike Wood (K, '81-'82)
Kirkwood, Mo. Co-owner of a floor covering business. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Mike Woods (LB, '79-'81) Richmond Heights, Ohio. Disabled (quadriplegic) since being shot by a robber in 1982. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Johnnie Wright (RB, '82) Fort Myers, FL. Johnnie has been living with his mother after working as an assistant manager at a restaurant and working temp jobs in Columbia, SC. He went into the Army from 1986-1990 and did some assistant coaching at schools. But he has had trouble holding down jobs, reportedly has spent time in homeless shelters and was arrested for cocaine possession and battery and jailed three times between 1998-2002. (, 8/04)

Steve Wright (T, '83-'84)
Laguna Beach, Calif. President of a company that manufactures misting systems and other cooling products. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Dave Young (TE, '83-84) Akron, Ohio. Works on an asbestos abatement crew. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)

Steve Zabel (LB, '79) Edmond, Okla. Vice president of business development for a broadband wireless company. (Baltimore Sun, 5/01)