Did Browns approach Eagles about Kolb?

One day after he loses his starting quarterback job, Kevin Kolb is the subject of a trade rumor involving the Eagles and Browns. The Eagles deny it.

It didn't take long for Kevin Kolb to go from No. 2 quarterback on the Philadelphia Eagles to the subject of a trade rumor.

On Wednesday, a Philadelphia radio station reported that the Eagles received a call from Tom Heckert, the general manager of the Cleveland Browns, asking if Kolb was available. According to the report, the Eagles said no.

Kolb lost his job as starter to Michael Vick, who threw two touchdown passes Sunday in leading the Eagles to a victory over the Detroit Lions. Eagles coach Andy Reid had said that Kolb, who was recovering from a concussion, would regain his role when he was healthy. But Reid changed his mind Tuesday.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that there was no truth to the rumor, but Reid also declined to say that Kolb would be on the Eagles roster after the Oct. 19 trade deadline.

Reid told Philadelphia beat reporters: "I can't predict anything down that far. Nobody in this league can do that. That's ridiculous. The future, we'll just have to see."

It makes sense that the Eagles wouldn't consider trading Kolb, at least now. The mercurial Vick can look very, very good but also has the ability to look dreadful. In his last two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, he had 35 touchdown passes and 26 interceptions. He also has 27 career fumbles and had a passer rating over 80.0 just once in six seasons with the Falcons.

But it's worth noting that Heckert and the Eagles have a past relationship. Heckert was the GM when the team selected Kolb in the second round of the 2007 draft. So if the Eagles eventually decide that Vick is their man and Kolb isn't, the Browns would certainly make sense as a partner.

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