Haynesworth wanted to play

Even though Albert Haynesworth says he was healthy enough to play, the Washington Redskins deactivated him before Sunday's game against the Giants. Coach Mike Shanahan says Haynesworth was ill, but maybe there were other reasons.

It should be crystal clear by now that Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth will never enjoy détente. The only question is how soon their relationship will end.

Haynesworth was scratched before the ‘Skins played, and lost to, the New York Giants 31-7 in New Jersey. The Redskins said he was ill; Haynesworth said he was healthy enough to play.

"I thought it was a do-or-die situation and that we needed to do everything to win," Haynesworth said, according to the Washington Post.

Shanahan said Haynesworth didn't practice Friday because he was sick, which came on the heels of a not-very-good practice on Thursday. Put those two together and you have a deactivated Haynesworth.

Shanny said he figured that Haynesworth's poor practice on Thursday was a result of his illness. "Without practicing Friday, and Thursday not having one of his better practices, we kept him inactive," Shanahan said.

But as usual with these two, there might be something deeper. The Post's Rick Maese said a source told him that Haynesworth missed at least one meeting last week and was late to at least one other meeting. Haynesworth confirmed he was late to a meeting on Friday because of his illness.

"I was sick, so I did show up a minute late," he said. "I don't think that's a reason to sit out."

It is if the coach is Mike Shanahan and the player is Albert Haynesworth.

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