Greene: I never said I want a QB change

Surprise, surprise more drama surrounding the New York Jets and their quarterback situation. This time the media could be to blame for generating the latest controversy.

A recent Yahoo! Sports story suggested that New York Jets running back Shonn Greene is in favor a quarterback switch from Mark Sanchez to Tim Tebow. In speaking with reporters following today's practice, Greene insisted that the story couldn't be further from the truth.

"I think the quotes were totally out of context," said Greene. "What I said is, "We're 3-6 and things need to change." I never said anything about changing the quarterback or anything about any single person on this team. I've been here four years, and I've never once said anything about anybody on this team."

Greene is a popular player in the locker room and regarded as a positive source of inspiration for his fellow teammates, who try to emulate his work ethic and leadership. So when it was reported that Gang Green's starting tailback was leading a mutiny against Sanchez, it came as a shock to many, most notably Greene himself.

"Actually, I had a friend text me the article and I was shocked," exclaimed Greene. "I knew nothing about the article. First off, the article was supposed to be about me. It was supposed to be a feature about me and where I'm at right now. How it turned into me saying this about this person and that person, I don't know."

A possible ploy by the media to generate controversy around a team that can't seem to stay off the back pages and out of the headlines isn't out of the ordinary in the New York market. With the Jets under harsh and often times sensationalistic media scrutiny, Greene wants his team to shift its focus to how it can improve on the gridiron, instead of fueling the media circus.

"Yeah, because first it was yesterday's article and now, today, it's with me," uttered Greene. "It's like, ‘Come on, really?' We just want to play football. That's all we want to do."

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