Welcome to new Colts page!!!

Introductions are in order for Scout.com's new venture in covering the Indianapolis Colts. Phillip B. Wilson is thrilled to give you a little bit of everything about your favorite team.

Greetings, Colts fans.

That’s how I saluted fans for years when shooting videos and speaking in public. Now we enter the new frontier of a unique online platform, one that allows us to grow together. And I couldn’t be more excited.

Many of you are familiar with my work for 20 years at The Indianapolis Star. Now, as the saying goes, we can take that to the next level. I’ve always tried to give it everything I’ve got, be it the Colts beat for 15 years or other assignments. Now I’ve been entrusted with providing as much content as humanly possible, stories and videos, “outside-the-box” offerings, a personal blog so you know my thoughts from one day to the next, and much, much more.

Here’s the beauty of this situation. I want this to be about the fans. It’s my goal to be a true blue voice for all of you. Your suggestions are welcome. Any ideas, please ship them my way. If you prefer to email, my personal account is phillipbwilson24@yahoo.com. I’m on Twitter @pwilson24, and Facebook at Phillip B Wilson. Feel free to follow or send a friends request. You’ll find my online door is always open.

It’s an exciting time for the Colts franchise, one filled with expectations. That same energy surrounds this site. We’re going to keep working to make it better. There will be constant innovations and ways to provide stronger and more eye-appealing content. It’s a work in progress, and much like the Colts toiling to get to the Super Bowl, our goals are nothing short of being the best.

We’ll provide links to team information that might have been difficult to find before. You want to know how much a player is making, or how much he counts against the salary cap? Click the link. You’re curious about past injuries and are sure a player suffered the same one a few months ago? Again, a continually updated link has it.

Women will be interested to know I’m thinking of you, too. Yes, the NFL is a male-dominated society, but each week I’ll interview someone who looks at professional football from the female perspective. Heather Lloyd, The Blue Mare, has agreed to start us off. And my wife, Dee, is going to constantly pepper me with ideas. She’s a former Colts season ticket holder.

The message boards, for premium subscribers or free, will provide a daily opportunity for us to interact as well as you with other fans. I’m looking forward to this personally because I’ve done live in-game chats over the years and formed some great friendships with fans. While we cover famous people who make a lot of money, never forget I’m in that locker room or press box for you. A former editor always reminded me of what the No. 1 priority should be: the fans.

With that, we will wrap up this intro. The blog will offer personal insights from a first-person perspective for those who want something a little extra. I’ll try to stick to my reporter roots in reporting the news, digging for stories and presenting them on the main page areas. Videos will be high quality — I’ve got a new Canon HD camera — and we’ll try to introduce subjects as real people, not just professionals.

Thank you for giving Scout.com a look. I’m convinced you will find this site worthwhile as we learn and grow together, and seek the maximum enjoyment out of following your Indianapolis Colts.


Phillip B. Wilson can be found on Twitter (@pwilson24), Facebook and Google+.

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