Q&A: Defensive end Cory Redding

Colts defensive end Cory Redding is a big kid at heart, as he reminds in this chat about his offseason family vacation to the Bahamas.

Locker room availabilities provide an opportunity to chat with Colts on a personal level. The informal interviews can provide some interesting personal insight. So from time to time, players will be profiled here in a question-and-answer format.

Defensive end Cory Redding chatted with Phillip B. Wilson during training camp.

Phil B: How was your offseason?

Cory: Offseason was good. Got some good work with the guys. Got better with my technique. Got a little break to spend time with my family.

Phil B: Best place you went in the offseason?

Cory: I’ve got to say Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay, in the Bahamas.

Phil B: You did the Bahamas?

Cory: I didn’t like the Bahamas. The way I see it, you’re the only ticket in town. They can treat you any kind of way. It wasn’t my ideal. I didn’t have a good time. I enjoyed the Castaway Cay. That was awesome.

Phil B: How many kids do you have?

Cory: Three.

Phil B: The important thing is at some point you saw smiles on their faces and then you’re happy.

Cory: Oh, no doubt. My kids had a great time. We got on the AquaDuck.

Phil B: The what?

Cory: The AquaDuck water slide that extends outside the boat and comes back on. It’s awesome. You’ve got to do it.

Phil B: Really? You got on it?

Cory: Oh yeah, five, 10 times.

Phil B: You’re a really big guy. I’d be worried about that.

Cory: Let’s just say the AquaDuck was able to hold me. It was good. I didn’t break the glass or nothing like that.

Phil B: You’re still a big kid at heart, aren’t you?

Cory: I’m always a big kid at heart. I’m always playing around. The only time I’m serious is when that whistle is blowing on the field. I come off, I’m always playing. You’ve got to stay loose.

Phil B: Your kids love you because you did the slide, huh?

Cory: Oh yeah. My kids got a kick out of it. You get on the tube as two. My daughter and I went, then my son and I went. It was good. We had a good time.

Phil B: Feet first or head first?

Cory: Feet first. You’ve got to sit. The smaller kid is in the front and I’m the bigger person, I’m in the back, we hold on and go through the tube. It was awesome.

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