Q&A: Defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois

People still don't say his name right, but know this: Ricky Jean Francois is a good sport when it comes to helping out his mother, as an offseason endeavor in Miami proved.

People still can’t pronounce his name properly and Colts defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois had an unusual offseason endeavor with his mother in Miami, as he explains in this recent question-and-answer chat with ColtsBlitz.com Publisher Phillip B. Wilson.

Phil B: We’re in year two of trying to get people to understand the name, right? It’s not Ricky Jean.

Ricky: It’s not Ricky John or Richard John Francisco. Let’s make it easy for everybody. It’s just Ricky Jean Francois.

Phil B: But people still don’t get it right?

Ricky: They can’t even pronounce that at this point. That’s the sad part. But I’m not expecting them to say it right. If you can’t say it, just say ‘Ricky’ and I’ll hear you.

Phil B: Does coach Chuck Pagano still say Ricky Jean? He said that a couple times last year, using the first part of your last name.

Ricky: He just says Ricky now. He left it short for me. He did mess with me about it a couple of times.

Phil B: And you’re not French.

Ricky: Haitian. Haitian descent.

Phil B: It sounds cool. You’ve got one of the coolest-sounding names.

Ricky: It does if people could pronounce it right. It does sound cool.

Phil B: How’s life?

Ricky: Life is treating me well. As long as I show respect to life, life shows respect to me.

Phil B: You do anything fun in the offseason?

Ricky: No, not really. I trained the majority of the time, trying to work on certain things. I hung out with the family. I got a chance to help mom fix up the house. She don’t know where to get pieces and little things. I’m not a great decorator. Please, never get your man to decorate because we’re not good at that. This is not our area. Leave that to a woman. That’s a woman’s position, not for a man.

Phil B: Where’s mom’s house?

Ricky: Mom’s house is back in Miami. She has a nice home back there. She’s still decorating. If you leave it up to her pace, it’s going to take a while, but that’s good for her. That will keep her busy.

Phil B: So you just lifted stuff?

Ricky: I just lifted stuff, that’s it.

Phil B: What do you think of these curtains? How about this shade of color?

Ricky: I can’t lie to her. I’d be like, ‘Whatever you want.’ If she likes it, I love it. If she’s got to ask me about it, we might be going downhill. I want everything to match the way she wants it, not the way I want it.

Phil B: What’s mom’s name?

Ricky: Zora Jones.

Phil B: So she didn’t say, ‘Let’s move this chair here’ and ‘Let’s move that over there.’

Ricky: I left that all up to her. I let her go to all the furniture stores. I let her go to all the decorator stores. I let her pick everything out. I was just the cashier, that’s it.

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