'Super Mario' Harvey playing everywhere

He's a linebacker who plays fullback and on special teams, and the third-year pro doesn't seem to mind the workload.

Nobody is getting more of a workout in Indianapolis Colts practice lately than Mario Harvey.

He’s a fullback, linebacker and plays special teams, which means a lot of exercise at practice on the various units as well as extra time in meeting rooms. The busy days have earned the third-year pro out of Marshall and obvious nickname from head coach Chuck Pagano.

“He’s all over this place,” Pagano said Thursday. “Mario is everywhere. Super Mario.”

Harvey also has a new jersey number, 55. He wore No. 48 in Sunday night’s 31-24 loss at Denver and No. 49 in preseason. Last season, he had on No. 54.

The number switch is likely due to the Colts’ lack of depth at linebacker. But Pagano said he can still play fullback, as needed, he just has to report as an eligible receiver.

“When he had the (other) number, he didn’t have to do anything,” the coach said of reporting to the referee. “At least now if we want him to play defense, we can play him on defense. If we want him to play offense, eh can go play offense, he just has to report.”

Harvey played 26 games including the playoffs with 15 tackles as a reserve linebacker the past two seasons. He was used as a fullback and on special teams in the opener.

He says it doesn’t matter where he plays, as long as he can help somewhere.

“I’m here, there, offense, defense,” he said. “Offensive walk-through, defensive walk-through, I’m back-and-forth. I’m getting a lot of exercise running back-and-forth.

“I have to be full attentive. It’s very important for me to pay attention to every detail and make every play count.”

The Colts started using him at fullback when Bruce Arians was offensive coordinator and then interim head coach in 2012.

“They were talking about putting me at fullback on the goal line,” he said. “What happened was I got signed here and then B.A. got signed here and I started playing a little fullback. It kind of just trickled down from there and became a full-time thing. It happened gradually, it’s all good, whatever I can do for the team, I’m all in. I’m just trying to win.”

Harvey insists he doesn’t have a preference.

“I’m whatever you want me to be, linebacker, fullback, special teams,” he said.

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