Q&A: Center A.Q. Shipley

Summer proved most eventful as Colts center A.Q. Shipley got married to longtime girlfriend Cameron Jurkowsky June 28th in Baltimore. Punter Pat McAfee was best man.

Indianapolis Colts center A.Q. Shipley recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about getting married in the summer.

Phil B: You got married? What’s her name?

A.Q.: Cameron Jurkowsky. Polish.

Phil B: And you got married when?

A.Q.: June 28. (Colts punter) Pat McAfee was posting pictures because he was best man at my wedding.

Phil B: Were you nervous on wedding day?

A.Q.: Oh yeah, absolutely. It was a different feeling. I don’t know if nervous was the right word, but I definitely wasn’t my normal self. When we got to the reception, we had an awesome dinner menu scheduled. I took pride in putting together the menu for it. I was super excited to eat. We got there and my stomach felt like it was like a game day. I couldn’t eat. I was ticked off, I couldn’t eat.

Phil B: Any apprehension about what Pat was going to say in his best man speech?

A.Q.: None at all. I knew it was going to be great. It was awesome. He killed it.

Phil B: You didn’t think he was going to bring up something?

A.Q.: I didn’t even care, to be honest with you. I gave him free reign. I said, ‘Do whatever you’ve got to say. I’ll be a good sport about it. She’ll be a great sport about it.’ He did an awesome job, he really did.

Phil B: So getting married, you had more butterflies than a football game?

A.Q.: It almost felt like it, it really did. With a football game, I might have those butterflies and be a little nervous before a game, but once I get that first play in me, I’m fine. It’s normal now. After I got married, like I said, I got to the reception and I couldn’t eat. It almost felt like I had just finished playing a game, because you’re so spent you can’t eat afterward.

Phil B: Where was the wedding?

A.Q.: In Baltimore. She’s from that area.

Phil B: What was the menu?

A.Q.: It was awesome, mini-chicken pot pies, like a little comfort station, there was mini meatloaf, we did pigs three ways, a pulled pork, a pork belly and a pork tenderloin, and a pasta station. It was a good menu and I didn’t get to eat any of it.

Phil B: And finally when they said, ‘Bride and groom …’

A.Q: The wedding coordinator, we didn’t even get up, she brought me over a plate with a little bit of everything on there. I maybe took two bites. I couldn’t eat.

Phil B: Your perspective on life change as a married man?

A.Q.: After I had that season out here and played pretty well in 2012, she moved out with me here. She’s been along for the ride. She’s been great. I moved her from that Baltimore area out here in January. Four months later, I get traded back there. I moved her from that area, then I bring her back to that area, then I get released and claimed by Indy. She loved Indy so much, when I told her we were going back to Indy, she was thrilled. She’s been great about the whole thing, for sure.

Phil B: Does the wife and married life give you more of an appreciation for balance and not just football?

A.Q.: Yeah, 100 percent. Just the support she gives, and in my case being there through thick and thin, that’s the epitome of what we’ve been through, what I’ve brought her through in my professional career. She’s stood by me, never complained. From that aspect, I think the world of her. The balance thing, she gets it. She’s a former athlete. She played lacrosse at Penn State, so she gets it. If I’ve got to study, she’s like, ‘Study and we’ll talk later.’ So we do a good job of balancing that out.

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