Jerrell Freeman stars in McDonald's ad

Teammates can't resist teasing the understated linebacker about his local TV promotion of the Colts Blitz Box, no relation to this site. Freeman takes the ribbing in stride.

Jerrell Freeman has been getting razzed lately in the locker room.

Bring up his new McDonald’s Colts Blitz Box TV commercial, shown in the Indianapolis area, and the Colts inside linebacker starts laughing. Teammates do, too.

It’s a bit cheesy, no pun intended.

Freeman is kind of an understated dude, which made him perfect for this spot because he didn’t have a talking line.

“I did a little heavy lifting with the sled, then just stood there and smiled,” he said.

The commercial takes place in a McDonald’s drive-thru, where Freeman discards the sled to stop at the window for his Colts Blitz Box. The attendant goes bonkers after recognizing him. Freeman just smiles, grabs his box, puts on his Colts helmet and takes off.

“They just told me to stand there and smile, man,” Freeman said. “I’m like, ‘That’s it?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘I’m good with that.’”

But the locker room can be a haven for needling. And who better to tease than the team’s leading tackler the last two years, a guy who would rather laugh at himself than do interviews.

“Especially my D-line, I thought the ones who would support me, they’re giving me the hardest time about it,” Freeman said.

Locker neighbor Ricky Jean Francois just laughed.

“We’re going to cheer him on as much as we can,” the defensive end said.

When asked what was actually in a Colts Blitz box, Freeman laughed, his voice started to waver, and he guessed a Big Mac, fries, dessert … and the voice trailed off. Told there are chicken McNuggets in the box, the linebacker said, “McNuggets? I don’t know.”

Jean Francois basically guessed the food right — $12.99 gets you two Big Macs, 20 McNuggets and two fries. But then he suggested patrons will also get a Jerrell Freeman toy, “like in a Happy Meal.”

Sorry, folks, no toy.

Freeman doesn’t look like he has an ounce of body fat on him, so does he really eat McDonald’s?

He smiled at the camera and like a true pitch man assured, “I love McDonald’s!”

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